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How good is your customer support? We’ll tell you! Our experts will grade 100 support conversations and give you actionable feedback.

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How We Define Excellent Support Quality


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How well does your team understand what your customers are saying?

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Is your team talking in a way that best reflects your business personality?

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Does your team respond in a way that fully explains the problem or solution?

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How well does your team feel the pain, happiness, or confusion of your customers?

We'll Define Specific Areas of Improvement

With every audit, we tell you exactly which tickets need to be improved and how. You can use this information to update your processes and training or use it to coach members of your team.

Get Support Benchmarks for Your Industry

With every audit, we'll provide a benchmark for your industry, so you can see how your team compares to other companies in your space

What's in It for Us?

We're constantly trying to find new ways to improve the support experience for our clients, so we thought it would be useful to define a benchmark for excellent customer support. By providing a free audit for any company, we can create an anonymous and aggregated benchmark across multiple industries.

How Does This Fit into the Big Picture for Influx?

All Influx clients receive regular support audits as part of their pay per response support package. Our QA team regularly gives our agents and managers 1:1 feedback based on this feedback and our ops managers use the information to define specific areas for improvement. Learn more about our support on demand service here.

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