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5 must-have help desk automations (2021 Edition)

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by   Mui Yoon
January 19, 2021

Setting up your automation can positively impact your customer support agents’ performance, customer satisfaction, and resolution speed. It’s one of the most crucial things you can do as a support manager when working with an internal or outsourced customer service team.

Choosing the right automation, though, and setting them up correctly can be a time-consuming and challenging decision, especially if you’re working with a new help desk or chat platform. 

To help you navigate those decisions, we polled some of our longest serving customer support team members on their must-have automation for SaaS support and eCommerce support clients. 

Here’s what they shared.

Automation 1: First response generator

Why it’s useful:

First response auto emails set standards and expectations with your customers from the first moment they send you an email. You can use this message to let them know you’ve received their email, and when they can expect a message or point them to self-service tools. 

Sample auto-responses:

● Out of operational hours.

● Thank you, we have received your email.

● Delayed shipping notifications.

● We’re experiencing a higher than average amount of emails, so we’ll be with you in 24 hours.

● Here are other ways to find an answer to your inquiry…

Automation 2: Auto-tagging

Why it’s useful:

Auto-tagging automatically reroutes all incoming tickets into categories of tickets to prioritize the most critical tickets and issues. And you can use this data to build a better program for the following year.

Especially helpful during big-ticket spikes, for example, during one-day sales, holiday periods, or product launches. 

Sample auto-tagging features

● Tag emails for specific offers

● Tag first time or repeat customers

● Tag technical bugs

● Tag issues related to special offer codes

Automation 3: Resolution Bots

Why it’s useful

Provide an instant link to related answers, either from your FAQs page or knowledge base that points the customer towards a possible solution. 

Customers often want speedy solutions, so this is a tool to answer common questions using a specific macro. 

Most customers prefer to resolve issues themselves, when possible. 

You can close repeat tickets immediately, without using up your team’s time.

Sample emails:

● Here are answers to three commonly asked questions that look like they could help.

● If you are experiencing any of these issues, please click here to solve them.

Automation 4: Article Suggestion Bots

Why it’s useful 

This cool tool is similar to the Resolutions Bots – you can create title tags to common queries such as Password, Billing, Purchase History, Preferences, or Membership Points.


You have assigned a title tag of “password.” When customers submit common questions containing the word “password” in different ways, for instance, “How do I reset my password?”, “Where is my password reset?” or “Can I change my password?” your answer bot immediately suggests a list of handy solutions such as “Here are some possible answers to your question – link.”

Automation 5: Auto-spam blocker

Why it’s useful

Just like your personal inbox!

This automation blocks out irrelevant incoming tickets so that you can give your attention to genuine customers. 


With a highly trained customer support team, it is definitely possible to achieve 100% inbox zero every day. Contact Influx to have a chat on how you can do this.

Special thanks to OksyMayang, Billa, and Gusthy. Meet more of the Influx team on LinkedIn. 

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Photo of Mui Yoon

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