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Influx provides customer service as a service for brands and tech companies using a complete support operation on demand, available 24/7, every day of the year (including holidays). This operation includes agents and managers working across all time zones, automated training, QA, data and insights.

Traditional support BPOs - Business process outsourcing companies - require fixed contracts and up front commitments from their clients. Influx is disrupting this model by providing a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing model for all clients. Companies can hire Influx only for the support work they need.

This means both startups and established companies can work with Influx. Startups can work with Influx to answer 80% of their tickets, while they focus on their holistic support strategy, growth and product development. Larger businesses can work with Influx to fill in for coverage gaps and help with burst coverage as they build out their own teams.

By working with Influx, companies improve their response times and overall support experience.

About us

Some of our clients

Quadlock Biteable Hard graft Troop themes Sendle
Bonobo Ettitude Bloomthat Manly bands Morris motley


“Before Influx, I was looking for individuals and training them myself. This meant doing the assessments and followups for every single person I hired. It wasn't working out. You find out that some people working remotely aren't professional. They lose focus after a little while. Influx bridges this gap between remote work and professionalism to provide 24/7 support. ”

Emily Howman

Head of Support at Biteable.

Enabling a community of more than 1 Million
build 100,000 new marketing videos per month

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Our team


Co-founder and CEO. Seed investor in 99designs, Hired, SitePoint and others. Investor in Stripe, Sendle, Market Engine, Tzukuri and others.


Co-founder and COO. Founder of the Dropbox for WordPress Plugin. Former consultant to NASA. Kitesurfer.


Customer Support Agent. Published author and graduate of the Kenya School of Law 2014.


Director & Sales. Former operations director at Flippa and the Awesome Foundation. Based in San Francisco.


CMO. Joined May 2016. Former Head of Marketing at Envato. Former founder. Former senior marketing manager at TripIt through acquisition by Concur.


Junior Operations Manager. Holds a Bachelor in English Literature. Former translator and content writer.


Team Recruiter. Six years experience teaching with a masters degree in Development and Education in Astronomy and Physics.


Support Agent. Graduated from the Institut Teknologi Bandung with a Bachelor of Science. Currently undertaking a Masters of Science in Astronomy at ITB.


Client Captain. Mathematics and Modelling Processes graduate from the University of the West Indies.


Junior Operations Manager. Graduate of Northern Caribbean University with a Bachelors in Psychology.


Support Agent. Graduated from the English Language Education Study Program at Sanata Dharma University.


Client Captain. Graduated from the University of the West Indies with a major in Psychology, minor in Management Studies.


The team includes 120+ agents, managers and analysts. Meet more of the team here.

Quote from Co-Founder Michael De Wildt

“I founded Influx to allow more business owners to focus on growing their business while still providing excellent, 24/7 customer service. Hiring, managing and training your own people is incredibly hard, so I wanted to do that work for them.”

Media contact

Alex Holmes

Company details

December 2013
Notable investors:
Mark Harbottle, Matt Mickiewicz, Guy King, Bevan Clark

Influx in the news


“Influx changes the game by helping businesses build long-standing relationships with their customers by delivering round-the-clock, round-the-world customer support ”


“Beyond the systems, of course, the key to Influx's service is its people...the startup looks for five key qualities in its hiring: commitment, resilience, self awareness, initiative, and empathy ”


“Influx's core offering is an email-based customer support service that can scale with startups as they grow and it is already generating good revenue ”

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