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Full Service Customer Support

We manage the complete support channel including management, training, QA and process improvement. We have trained agents and engineers standing by to answer questions and troubleshoot customer issues. See more about how Influx works here.


Complete Transparency and Control

As a client, you can still answer any tickets you want, set rules for which tickets we answer, and set rules for us to escalate specific tickets or types of issues. Our system connects to your existing help desk, so you can maintain your existing processes while still logging into your Influx dashboard to track Influx events. You also have access to all tickets, events and customers, so you can get a ‘vibe’ for your overall support experience, and you can step in as needed. See how Annex Products did this for example to focus more time on growth and distribution while maintaining a high quality bar for their support.


Works out of the Box

Our dashboard gives you support insights and metrics as soon as we’re connected to your help desk. Our system connects to all major platforms including Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, Help Scout, Groove and Front.


We Improve Automatically over Time

We have a dedicated QA team that reads a random sample of all client’s tickets regularly. They then give agents specific feedback based on the four factors that we use to define an excellent customer experience. As we run QA across all types of companies via our support meter, we can benchmark your support response quality vs similar types of companies.


Our Service is Elastic and Scales

We don’t require commitments and you can turn up your coverage as needed, or turn it down as needed. Our elastic pricing makes it easy to follow and manage costs. As we work with many startups, and as we’ve experienced extreme growth before, we actively monitor for indicators that suggest a company is about to go through a big growth period, and we train agents and managers as needed ahead of time. We also actively prepare for tickets.


24/7 Coverage Including Weekends and Holidays

We operate teams in all time zones with full time staff. Our agents typically work during their normal working hours, with the occasional off-hours meeting. We have account managers in all time zones as well, including the US and Europe, so it’s easy to get in touch with us whenever needed.


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