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Manly Bands

Michelle manly bands
“Our Influx agents go deep to process returns and exchanges. They interpret grey area scenarios and answer customer questions in detail. We continue to get rave reviews from our customers. So much of our new business is customer referrals.”
Michelle Luchese
Co-Founder at Manly Bands, profitable in one year, disrupting the wedding ring market with superior customer service.

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“We treat Influx as if they were a team member, so they have access to all of our resources, internal documentation, training, and things like that. They help with burst coverage and they act as a buffer layer between support demand and our own internal agents.”
Eva Schaller
Head of Customer Support at Sendle, growing 20% month on month.

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Quad Lock Case

Annex rob

“The bulk of our online sales and communications happen while we sleep, so Influx is able to support our customers 24/7 with fast and accurate responses.

Influx also gives us the ability to scale up support when needed without the need for extra head count. This is a huge advantage and allows us to concentrate on growing the business and making great products.”

Rob Ward
Co-Founder of Annex Products & Quad Lock Case, the market leader in iPhone mounting systems

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Sean corey
“Influx has been an incredible asset to our company. They worked hard to really learn our products and they delivered our customers with quality and timely support. They are the perfect solution for any company looking to free up some time by outsourcing their product support. Highly recommend!”
Sean Corey
Founder of TrueThemes and Karma Theme with 28,000+ Sales on ThemeForest


Steve oconnor

“Influx has really helped us with high volume hours. We're pretty data driven, so we know when we're struggling to deliver an experience that's up to the quality that we want. Influx helps us with that.

It also feels more like a partnership than a business arrangement. Influx is invested in our success.”

Steve Noone O'Connor
Global Director of Customer Experience at Vend, selling to 18,000+ businesses.

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KGM Collective

“The team is doing a fantastic job. They're developing their own style for responses, which gives our support emails a personal touch. This all happens 24/7 too. Since working with Influx, we've been able to focus more time on new growth initiatives like launching our new sister brand - Povacci - coming soon!”
Michael Grant
Founder of KGM Collective



“We want to make it incredibly simple for someone to create a video. You can’t make a bad video through Biteable, so we want to create the same simple and super accessible experience with our support team.

Influx helps with 24/7 coverage. They do most of the frontline support, which frees up more of our time to fix underlying issues.”

Emily Howman
Head of Customer Support at Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker, powering more than 1 million videos.

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“As a freemium business with 250,000+ users, we needed to create a support experiences that included an effective solution for our non-paying customers, as well as a fast and detailed troubleshooting channel for our paying customers. Influx delivered. Their 24/7 on demand service ensures everyone gets answers quickly, while their technical agents help us troubleshoot and document errors with our most valuable customers.”
Ben Carpel
Entrepreneur & GM at Cyfe, building all-in-one business dashboards


“Influx helps us troubleshoot and resolve customer issues within 15 minutes after hours. One of my favorite things is I don’t have to constantly update them on how they should answer new types of questions. They learn from my Inbox. I’m not spending time emailing them on a daily or weekly basis.”
Cori Morris
Customer support manager at Front, $13 MM in funding with 2,000+ clients
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