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10 agents resolve 27,000+ conversations p/month, then quickly scale 2x in one month
Improved first response time by 10x while experiencing 16,954% growth via 24/7 support
26 fully managed agents across 4 regions achieve 93% CSAT in 5 languages
24/7 coverage with 10 dedicated Zendesk agents working as help desk experts
100% end-to-end omnichannel customer support in 6 languages across 7 platforms
95%+ CSAT for 8500+ tickets per month with specialized management support
76 agents resolve 250,000+ tickets per month with 24/7 coverage, surpassing KPIs

"Influx has made all the difference in our metrics and in the satisfaction of our customers. It's a great solution."

Natalie Fockel, Director of Customer Experience at Michael Hyatt & Company

Laurin Thompkin
Head of Customer Support, CASELY

“My first year at CASELY was tough. We had just experienced a seriously high-growth holiday season and were finding it a challenge to respond to customers fast enough. Partnering with Influx has been a game changer! Within our first month ,we were able to reduce our response time from ~10hrs. to 1hr.

CASELY has grown 16,594% over the last 3 years – and having that extra layer of support has been instrumental in bringing our CX to the next level.”

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Shannon Vilmin
Vendor Operations Specialist, ClassPass

“We absolutely crushed our year over year SLAs, responding to customers quicker than ever before. The Influx team was flexible, agile, accommodating, and reliable. We were honoured to work alongside such dedicated and committed team members. We couldn’t have had such a successful Q1 without Influx’s help.”

Transforming the fitness industry, ClassPass has raised $285 million Series E funding in January 2020. Read the case study →

Jessica Warren
Global Support Manager, 99designs by Vista

“The quality of Influx agents has been fantastic. Their remote, work from home solution really has been top notch. We’ve been able to build a CX team with consistent culture, standards and performance.”

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Angela Trinidad
Director of People and Culture, Sendle

“Influx has had a hugely positive impact on our operation and ultimately our customers. They’ve been the motor running our ship allowing our champs to spread out, focus on complex enquiries and build cadence in delivering quality responses while our company goes through continuous change and growth.”

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Brianne Henderlong
Community Experience Director, Threadless

“We had a pretty major growth spurt during 2020 – Covid paired with the usual seasonality of online retail meant we were finding it a challenge to get on top of the backlog. Influx has been a fantastic addition to our operation.

In 2020 our internal team went remote and Influx’s remote, work from home solution was able to fit in seamlessly without missing a beat. It’s really been a simple experience – we’ve been able to maintain a 90+% CSAT, while staying flexible and giving our customers the high-quality support experience they expect.”

Threadless is a 3-sided eCommerce marketplace connecting artists, consumers, printers and distributors. Read the case study →

Erin Sprinkle
Head of Customer Care, MotorTrend Group

“Getting started with Influx was really easy. We started with a simple Support as a Service team, which has now become a 5+ agent dedicated team working alongside Support as a Service agents. We’re now delivering fast resolutions at all hours, across all channels, while covering seasonal bumps and launches.”

MotorTrend Group specializes in enthusiast brands MotorTrend, Hot Rod and Roadkill. Read the case study →

Ben Cadenel
Customer Service Manager, Koala

“With Influx, we can provide high-quality customer service at all hours. We use a combination of CSAT, CES and NPS to track and improve quality, and we’re now meeting or surpassing our goals 24/7.”

Koala - the mattress company with over 14,000 five-star customer reviews. Read the case study →

Lexi Horn
Director of Customer Success, Blenders Eyewear

“Influx is much more than another vendor. They have such great people. I think that’s the thing I love about working with Influx. From sales implementation to the day to day operations, I’m working with good people with Influx. We staff externally first – going heavy with Influx, and as light as we can with everything else.”

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See how Support as a Service can help grow your business.

Emily Howman
Head of Customer Support, Biteable

“Our Influx team has been phenomenal. They assess all chats as they come in and make informed decisions on their own. When a customer tells us something is broken, they roll up their sleeves, figure out what the issue is, then work directly with our engineers to solve the underlying problem.”

Biteable is the world’s simplest video maker. Read the case study →

Ben Hamey
Founder, Bonobo

“Even our customers are surprised sometimes by how fast we respond and fix issues for our iOS apps. The Influx team is fast and reliable, allowing our team to focus more on the proactive stuff.”

Bonobo is the exclusive app developer for Moleskine, $1 Billion+ market cap. 50% valuation growth in the last two years. Read the case study →

Steve Noone O'Connor
Global Director of Customer Experience, Vend

“Influx has really helped us with high volume hours. We’re pretty data driven, so we know when we’re struggling to deliver an experience that’s up to the quality that we want. Influx helps us with that.”

Pascal Klein
Co-founder, Asana Rebel

“Influx has been a fantastic partner. We’ve been able to scale our service without sacrificing quality. This past year, we saw a significant spike. Working with Influx, we managed to support that spike seamlessly with their end-to-end solution.”

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Michelle Luchese
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Manly Bands

“Our Influx agents go deep to process returns and exchanges. They interpret grey area scenarios and answer customer questions in detail. We continue to get rave reviews from our customers. So much of our new business is customer referrals.”

Profitable in one year, disrupting the wedding ring market with superior customer service. Read the case study →

“The number one reason I like working with Influx is because it’s simple. They work with you to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your company in your eyes.”

Lexi Horn, director of customer success at Blenders Eyewear

Cori Morris
Customer Support Manager, Front

“Influx helps us troubleshoot and resolve customer issues within 15 minutes after hours. One of my favorite things is I don’t have to constantly update them on how they should answer new types of questions. They learn from my Inbox. I’m not spending time emailing them on a daily or weekly basis.”

Andi Ancheta
VP of Customer Success, Karbon

“Working with Influx has allowed us to scale up 24/7 support quickly while delivering a thoughtful and helpful experience. Intercom + Influx delivers fast resolutions for all of our customers.”

Raised $11+ Million over four rounds. Next generation practice management software for accounting firms. Read the case study →

Sean Roche
Operations and Logistics Manager, ettitude

“Influx allows us to support eCommerce seasonality with confidence. They work closely with our internal operation to provide high-quality support for our customers when we need it, which has allowed us to build out our global operation through all stages of growth.”

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