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All-hours coverage

Our team works 24/7, every day of the week. All plans include multiple agents, management, QA, and insights. Our agents and managers are based in multiple time zones, allowing them to work their normal working hours.


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Faster refunds & replacements

With 24/7 coverage, we can help customers receive refunds and replacements faster. Our team connects to fulfillment and eCommerce platforms in addition to all major help desks and chat platforms.


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Channel support

Deliver fast and effective support via third party channels such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook. Typically, your help desk connects to a channel, and then we provide our service through your help desk, giving you full visibility and control.


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Management & QA included

Our elastic, pay per output pricing includes all management, training and QA costs. Clients only pay per response. Our QA team regularly checks response quality and gives feedback.

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Live chat available

Our team usually responds within a few hours on all tickets, but we can also answer in real time, 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Learn more about live chat support as service.

Some of our eCommerce clients

Annex@2x Stojo@2x Sendle@2x Woolet@2x Ettitude@2x Bloomthat@2x

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Annex rob
“Influx has been amazing for us as it frees our time and our minds to better focus on growing the business, while knowing that our customers are being fully supported and given the best experience possible.”
Rob Ward
Co-Founder, Annex Products & Quad Lock Case

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“Control and professionalism - those were the main two things I wanted. Influx delivered those. With Influx, you train once and then you end up with 24/7 support.”
Emily Howman
Head of Customer Support at Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker, powering more than 1 million videos.

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