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Improve Response Times

Most online stores sell to a global audience. Our trained team works every hour of the week, ensuring 24/7 coverage and fast response times, even on the weekends. Our team also works during all major holidays and high sales periods, providing burst coverage.


Handle Refunds and Replacements Faster

Our team learns your refund and replacement policies, so we can act on your behalf. We regularly look up shipping orders for client’s customers and schedule replacement orders and refunds. We also know how to tell someone that they don’t qualify for something.



Continuously Improve Support Quality

Our elastic pricing model includes regular quality checks for all of our clients and agents. Our QA team asynchronously checks agent responses based on ten quality factors, and gives agents and managers feedback on how to improve. More broadly, we optimize our work based on four factors: Comprehension, brand, depth and empathy.


Free Trials and Training

All new clients start with a free trial, during which we want to learn more about your business and your support processes. We also use this free trial period to slowly ramp up ticket volumes so that we know we’re answering tickets effectively. To start a free trial, first schedule an appointment so that we can learn a bit more about your specific needs, and then during that call we’ll schedule a start date for your free trial.

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