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Email & Chat Support for SAAS Companies

Our system connects directly to all major help desks and chat applications including Zendesk, Help Scout, Front, and Intercom. Our agents answer tickets from inside your own help desk, so they can use your existing macros, escalate tickets as needed or use custom tags and filters. You can also see all activity as its happening. Our management and QA team reads our agent’s responses in the background and uses this information to improve output. Our technology layer helps with coordinating, training and improving output per agent.

Experienced SAAS Engineers and Managers

We hire full time engineers, analysts, agents and managers to resolve issues across all types of SAAS products. We train our agents to think on their feet so they can both prioritize the most important issues first and so they can solve new problems and report new problems as they arise. When it comes to things like bugs, connectivity issues, integrations, API troubleshooting and other common application errors, we find that customers succeed faster when they’re talking to someone who can improvise, ask intelligent questions, and explain potential solutions in depth.

Team Training & Management Included with All Plans

Clients pay us on a pay per response model with team management, training and QA included in all plans. By having our own management and QA functions, we can proactively improve the help desk experience. We can do this in two ways, by giving agents regular training and feedback and by improving macros and processes used by all agents.

Regular Agent Feedback with Our Dedicated QA Team

Our dedicated quality assurance team gives agents regular feedback on how to improve their response quality. We assess response quality on four factors including conversational tone, comprehension, depth of response and empathy. By separating our QA team from our management team, quality analysts can focus on giving feedback and building benchmarks and resources on how best to talk to customers.

Elastic, All-Hours Coverage

Our agents and managers are based in Indonesia, Kenya and Jamaica. This allows us to provide 24/7 support while also allowing our agents to work normal hours. With complex SAAS products, we can answer most tickets within two hours, every hour of the day, every day of the week, including weekends. If you want faster coverage, contact us about live chat support.

Get Started in Just Four Weeks

Having a trained team on demand means we can onboard quickly. We already have the agents, managers, engineers and analysts ready to help, so all we need now is to start training our team. Get in touch with us to figure out how to start training. We usually need read access to your help desk so we can learn from your current response style and so we can learn how to answer tickets correctly.

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