Why we launched 100% weekend support

Photo of Alex Holmes
by Alex Holmes
August 22, 2019
Every support manager I know has the same problem: They have too many tickets waiting for them on Mondays when they first log into their help desk. 500+ ticket backlogs aren’t uncommon. Here's how we launched weekend support.

How to plan your support team for the holidays

Planning your support team for busy holidays doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn how to optimize your staffing and automate processes to keep your customer satisfaction sky high.

New tool! Forecast the next 12 months of tickets with Support Forecaster

I’m excited to announce our new FREE forecasting tool for any company using Zendesk. With Support Forecaster, define upcoming ticket volume, public responses and recommended headcount for the next 12 months.

Keeping customers happy 101: support vs. success

With the help of expert Kirsty Traill of Hootsuite, we’re breaking down the definition of customer support vs. customer success, the key differences, and why it’s important for you and your company to know.
Case Study

Case Study: Koala Interview

Find out how Koala built one of the best-rated brands in Australia and how Influx fits into their support model.

What we learned building 200+ support teams

In the last five years, we’ve refined our service to be able to improve almost any existing support team in less than 30 days. Influx's co-founder and Head of Ops gives us his top five recommendations for building a highly-optimized support team.

Support KPIs that really matter! (as told by Basecamp, Hootsuite, and more)

What’s the right support metric for your team? Every successful manager has a method. We turned to some of our favorite and most accomplished people in the industry to get the answers.