Pre-holiday planning guide (2023 downloadable)

Get the guide to navigate the holidays and create better customer support experiences for your customers.
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The top 15 refund and return policies (with ready-to-use scripts)

Read the ultimate guide to the top 15 refund and return policies, complete with ready-to-use scripts for seamless customer support interactions.
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Follow the sun vs. graveyard shift 24/7 customer support models

See how we harness the follow the sun model to provide round-the-clock global support, eliminating the need for our team to endure overnight shifts.
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The hidden costs of hiring (2023 stats)

A curated list of 2023 stats on the cost of hiring customer support vs. outsourcing.

Introducing shared part time agents

Hire shared part time agents who can help you clear the inbox daily, with 40 hours of coverage per week, at a fraction of the cost of a full time support agent.
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Top 100 customer service statistics of 2023

Understand customer expectations and the latest trends shaping the customer support industry with these 2023 stats.
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Spoonflower case study: 91% CSAT for 3,200~ tickets p/month with scale-up capacity for seasonal spikes

See how Spoonflower partnered with Influx to achieve a CSAT of 91% on 3,200~ tickets p/month.
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Human-AI collaboration is the future of customer support

Customer support has always been human-centric, but using AI as a tool is the best way to achieve real-world balance.
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Mastering the art of rapport building in customer support

Strengthening soft skills is at the root of efficient communication. Learn from our enterprise training expert on building rapport for support success.
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Unleash the power of sales assistants with these 7 benefits

Sales teams play a crucial role in driving revenue and achieving business goals. To supercharge performance, consider the invaluable addition of sales assistants.