How to Generate Confidence

Photo of Mui Yoon
by Mui Yoon
November 16, 2020
Confidence is a crucial skill because it affects everyone whom we interact and communicate with daily. Here are some practical ways to help build stronger relationships.

When to offer voice support for your startup

Voice support still generates the highest customer satisfaction ratings compared to any channel. So when should your startup offer this important support channel?

Holiday shopping support ticket trends

How much of a ticket spike can eCommerce brands expect during holiday sales shopping periods? Take a look at our support ticket data compiled from 10 eCommerce brands to help you plan.

Forecasting support team headcount for the holiday sales periods (easy calculator)

How many support agents are needed for the upcoming sales season? Forecast with this easy calculator.

How to outsource your Shopify customer service like a professional

Ignore your customer experience and risk becoming a commodity. How do you hire and grow an outsourced Shopify support team, while improving your CX and growth rate? We dive in here.

3 easy ways to wow your customers with live chat

Immediate, personable, and effective – these are the hallmarks of a great live chat experience.  How do you go one step further and wow you customers? We compiled three easy - and proven - tricks that anyone can implement.
Case Study

Case Study: ettitude

See how ettitude manages sales spikes and seasonality with Influx to grow their sustainable eCommerce brand globally.


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