Strategies for managing and reducing ticket backlog (eBook guide)

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by   Mikayla Fuller
December 13, 2023
Get the eBook with solutions to clear the inbox and effectively manage the ticket backlog.
customer experience

How to provide exceptional experiences and turn customers into advocates

Learn six ways to provide amazing customer support experiences and turn customers into advocates.

Prompts to create your brand voice and macros with AI (eBook)

Get the exact prompts to create your brand voice, communication guidelines, and macros using AI.
customer support

How to clear ticket backlog successfully

Read the six crucial steps to effectively solve customer support backlog.
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5 tips to prioritize customer support tickets

Get the top 5 tips to prioritize customer support tickets for faster resolutions and better backlog management.

The 2023 eBook guide to 24/7 support

Get the guide to scale up to 24/7 support, respond to your customers faster, and wake up to inbox zero.
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How to forecast customer support staffing needs

The very first step to preparing for a busy season is headcount forecasting. Try the forecasting calculator to be proactive and get your team ready!
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Workforce management tools to take you 24/7

Hear from Andrew on the importance of having the right workforce management tools in place as a 24/7 team and what those top tools are.
customer support

24/7 customer stats to pay attention to

Thinking about 24/7 or after-hours customer support? Read the top stats you need to know when kicking off 24/7 support.
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The top 15 refund and return policies (with ready-to-use scripts)

Read the ultimate guide to the top 15 refund and return policies, complete with ready-to-use scripts for seamless customer support interactions.