What we learned building 200+ support teams

Photo of Alex Holmes
by Alex Holmes
January 30, 2019
In the last five years, we’ve refined our service to be able to improve almost any existing support team in less than 30 days. Influx's co-founder and Head of Ops gives us his top five recommendations for building a highly-optimized support team.

Support KPIs that really matter! (as told by Basecamp, Hootsuite, and more)

What’s the right support metric for your team? Every successful manager has a method. We turned to some of our favorite and most accomplished people in the industry to get the answers.

2018 Year in Review - client success for high-growth brands

It’s been a hugely busy year for us. Here's a few stats from across our entire community of clients and an update on what's been happening in the backend from the Influx side of things.

The importance of empathy mapping in customer support

By bringing empathy into every decision and every touchpoint between customer and company, you can create a more customer-centric experience. To do that, you need to create an empathy map.
Case Study

Case Study: Blenders - 10+ full time agents plus burst coverage using Zendesk and Shopify

When Blenders first approached Influx, their online sunglasses brand was growing like gangbuster with no end in sight. Needing a fast, reliable, and scalable solution, they sort out Influx.

Support Q&A with Kirsty Traill from Hootsuite - KPIs and support stats - Part 2

In the second part of our interview with Hootsuite's VP of Customer, Kirsty Traill we talk support KPI's and how you lead a hugely global support team to success.

How to reduce churn rate for your startup

Positive net churn combined with a scalable growth channel enables your company to grow exponentially. Here's how we did it.