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Grow your business faster with 24/7 support as a service: Always on, elastic, with management and training included.

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Support operations on demand.

Powered by a team of agents, managers, and engineers, ready to answer your tickets 24/7.

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24/7 Support

We offer all hours coverage, including weekends and holidays. Our teams are in all time zones so their work corresponds with their local work day. Meet the team.

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We improve automatically

Our dedicated managers and analysts check responses across all clients and give agents and managers 1:1 feedback on how to improve. See how we define excellent customer experience.

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Elastic Pricing

We automatically plan for added capacity with every client. Our pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to scale fast or move coverage around as needed. Calculate support costs here.

Connects to your existing help desk.

Our teams answer tickets from within your own help desk. You can always see what's happening, and we can maintain your existing workflow and processes.


Learn more about how Influx works and our help desk integrations.

Agent training, management, and 1:1 feedback included with all plans.

Our managers and analysts review tickets across all clients and assess response quality on four factors: comprehension, brand, depth, and empathy. They then give 1:1 feedback to agents so they can improve over time.

Give our QA services a try with a free support audit.

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Elastic pricing gives your business flexibility.

With elastic and scalable support, you only need to pay for support work as it happens. There are no fixed costs. So, when things get busy during a high sales period or during a product launch, you can maintain an excellent support experience. When sales slow down, our system automatically reduces volume. Learn more about support pricing and costs.

We help companies scale & focus on growth.

"Influx has been amazing for us (Quad Lock) as it frees our time and our minds to better focus on growing the business, while knowing the our customers are being fully supported and give the best experience possible."

Read the full case study or see more clients.


Some of our clients

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