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Pay-as-you-go support teams provide speed, scale and flexibility. Influx is the #1 on demand support outsourcing partner for growing brands with month to month pricing.

We match your brand voice and KPIs exactly. See clients.


Case studies

See how companies work with Influx to deliver flexibility and scale.

After hours coverage during 142% growth with 4.6 rating on Trustpilot and perfect brand match
93% CSAT for 24/7 coverage in 5 languages from 26 agents in 4 regions
100% customer support for 2x seasonal ticket spikes from 6 dedicated agents
After hours support and burst coverage for seasonal backlog after 200%+ customer growth
Improved first response time by 10x via 24/7 support for email and Facebook
95%+ CSAT for 8500+ tickets per month with specialized management support

Support outsourcing for every stage of growth


Support as a Service

Scale your support with ease using Support as a Service. A cost-effective and flexible solution that grows with your business.

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Dedicated agents

Engage customers with high-performance support teams focused only on your business in a flexible month-to-month format.

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Custom CX

Tailored support teams that match your unique business needs. Scalable support solutions for maximum efficiency.

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Results driven outsourcing teams

Set your standards, expectations and KPIs. Your team matches your exact workflow, while automatically improving over time. Influx’s support outsourcing uses three levels of management to work autonomously.


Hire a full team at once

Onboarding Influx is similar to onboarding a single agent, but then our team manages all the subsequent training, management and onboarding. If you need to hire a team of 20 people, outsourcing lets you move quickly.


No commitments, cancel anytime

Keep things flexible by hiring month to month. Support outsourcing companies like Influx hire dynamically to match your inbound ticket needs, while also allowing you to experiment with new channels with pre-trained experts. Your upfront costs are significantly lower.


Stay on budget

Our agents are based in Indonesia, Jamaica, Brazil and Kenya, where living costs are significantly lower than in the US, Canada, Australia or Western Europe. Outsourcing with distributed teams helps you keep costs low. Get in touch to learn more about pricing.

Our results


Blenders achieved a 94% CSAT with Influx while handling 20,000 ticket seasonality burst.

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Classpass was able to resolve over 250,000 tickets in one month by partnering with Influx.

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Sendle stays flexible using Influx during 3x peaks, maintaining 1 hour response times.

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Support outsourcing built for growth

Hire a flexible 24/7 outsourcing team with management and training included.


Scale up fast

Our team starts in one week. We automatically add agents as you need them to match inbound ticket volume. Easily grow 3x, 5x or 10x.

Management included

Define your workflow, then we do the rest. We manage all the people processes: Hiring, onboarding, training, QA and performance reviews.


Outsource chat, email, social media or voice. Our teams work across all regions in a simple month to month format.

Month to month

Pay per response or per agent. Our outsourcing teams are elastic, so you can add or remove agents monthly.

Customer onboarding

Want to call new signups? Need to increase your free to paid conversion rates? Our teams can thoughtfully 'nudge' users as they interact.

Train once, done

We manage all subsequent training and scaling across all regions. Get in touch to learn about how we onboard and launch new plans.

Sample experience

We work with high-growth brands to build exceptional support experiences, 24/7, as they grow and iterate as a business.

Angela Trinidad
Director of People and Culture, Sendle

“Influx has had a hugely positive impact on our operation and ultimately our customers. They’ve been the motor running our ship allowing our champs to spread out, focus on complex enquiries and build cadence in delivering quality responses while our company goes through continuous change and growth.”


conversations per month


scale in one month

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Hire full-service teams on demand

Make your support ops fast, flexible and ready for anything with experienced 24/7 support teams working month to month.