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Case Study

Case Study: Blenders - 10+ full time agents plus burst coverage using Zendesk and Shopify

When Blenders first approached Influx, their online sunglasses brand was growing like gangbuster with no end in sight. Needing a fast, reliable, and scalable solution, they sort out Influx.
Case Study

Case Study: Manly Bands - multi-tier support using Front and Shopify. Two hour response times 24/7

From day one, Manly Bands have used customer service as a differentiator. Working with Influx works to deliver thoughtful and fast responses, 24/7
Case Study

Case Study: Sendle - 10+ full time agents supplementing an existing team

Sendle uses Influx to provide a buffer layer of support, ensuring excellent service, Monday to Friday, between peaks in support demand and internal coverage.
Case Study

Case Study: Bonobo - fast app support and bug reporting for iOS, 24/7

Having started out managing their own support operations in-house among Bonobo's team of developers, they quickly realised this wasn't a scalable solution for 24/7 customer support.
Case Study

Case Study: Biteable - converting free users to paid, 24/7 using Intercom

Emily Howman runs global support for Biteable. We chatted with her about how they grew their global business from their roots in Hobart, Australia and how Influx fits into their broader growth and support strategies.
Case Study

Case Study: Vend - global support and burst coverage using Zendesk

We dive into how Vend organize their team for success, align their work with stakeholders around the business and ultimately create an industry leading customer experience that helps power their entire business.