Case Studies

Grow your business faster with 24/7 Support as a Service.

Case Study

Case Study: Koala Interview

Find out how Koala built one of the best-rated brands in Australia and how Influx fits into their support model.
Case Study

Case Study: Blenders

Find out how Influx supports Blenders with 10+ full time agents plus burst coverage using Zendesk and Shopify.
Case Study

Case Study: Manly Bands

Learn how Manly Bands works with Influx to deliver thoughtful and fast responses, 24/7
Case Study

Case Study: Sendle

Read more about how Influx works with Sendle’s internal team to provide a buffer layer of support.
Case Study

Case Study: Bonobo

See how Influx delivers fast in app support and bug reports for iOS, 24/7.
Case Study

Case Study: Biteable Interview

Learn more about how Influx rolls out customer support to convert Biteable’s free users to paying ones using Intercom.