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Frontline Support for All Types of Apps

We can act as your first line of contact, responding to all tickets quickly, 24x7x365. With every support ticket, we investigate the problem, prioritize the problem, respond to the customer at multiple points, and escalate and follow processes as you request. By providing front line support, your core team can continuously focus and refocus on the biggest growth opportunities for your business, whether that's reactive or proactive.


We Investigate and Prioritize the Most Important Issues First

With every customer problem, we first troubleshoot for known bugs. If we can connect the problem to a known bug then we deliver that solution to the customer. If we can't connect the problem to a known bug, we usually follow a bug reporting escalation process. With all problems, our engineers and managers prioritize their focus based on the type of ticket and any known customer information.


Focus Your Engineering Team on the Most Important Opportunities

We usually work as an extension of your existing dev team with agents talking directly to points of contact across your business. This helps you keep your team small and agile, while still maintaining an effective and scalable support experience.


Burst Coverage for OS and App Updates

Many app companies will see a surge in support tickets when they update their app or when a native environments updates. We always have extra agents ready to answer additional tickets. This helps maintain an excellent support experience during both planned surges as well as unplanned surges.


Experts in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and mobile web

We have trained engineers on staff who already understand iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and mobile web. We're also already familiar with many common third party integrations, including Facebook, Twitter and payment processors.


Ongoing Training, QA and Agent Feedback

Every new client starts with a two to four week free trial and training period, during which we learn your support processes and how to define and document bugs. Once up and running, we continuously retrain agents and managers, and we use our dedicated QA team to continuously QA tickets and give 1:1 feedback to agents and managers on how we can improve.

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