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How to handle unexpected spikes in ticket volume

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Planning for support ticket spikes - both expected and unexpected - is a crucial component of any CX strategy. All types of scenarios can lead to unexpected spikes, everything from shipping complications to website glitches. Here are three quick tips on how to plan for the unexpected. Watch the video or read on below! 

Understand your support buckets

Backlogs typically happen due to one or more key issues. The first thing you need to do before getting stuck into the queue is identify the cause of the ticket influx.

Take a moment to identify the issue and  determine where the greatest support volume lies. Truly understanding your backlog buckets will allow you to form a strategy to quickly and effectively mobilize your team or onboard an extra layer of support

Optimize your training and knowledge transfer

Once you’ve established where your volume lies, it’s time to optimize your training and knowledge transfer. If you have hired a new team, giving its members limited scope will allow them to quickly learn the ropes and triage the growing support queue. 

You may even decide to train multiple teams with varying focuses. Splitting the support tickets up and helping the team gain expertise is a surefire way to get through the backlog in a flash.

Set meaningful KPIs and outline clear targets

Setting meaningful KPIs and clear operational targets for the team will allow you to accomplish several things. First and foremost, goals are motivating. When you’re snowed under by a backlog of tickets, concrete KPIs and clear targets can give your team a sense of achievement in the face of a challenging task.

Secondly, as a manager, you can stay on top of team performance easily. Identify 3-5 key metrics for the team to work towards. Whether hourly ticket volume, average handle time, CSAT, or first response resolution rate, the goal is to identify metrics that reflect your customer support ethos while encouraging efficiency.


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Photo of Lucy Jasper

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