Case Study

Biteable case study: 24/7 support with 2-minute resolution time and 90% CSAT

How Biteable, a video building community with 4 million+ members, works with Influx to provide 24/7 support and sales with a median response time of four minutes.
customer experience

7 customer support tips to provide excellent experiences

Excellent customer support is an opportunity to build relationships with customers. These 7 tips will help you master it!
customer support

When to offer customer voice support for your startup

Voice customer service and phone support are important for your business. When should your customers be able to call customer support?
customer support

8 common customer service mistakes & how to avoid them

Customer service mistakes can be devastating to a business that isn’t aware of and prepared to avoid. Read now to find out!
business operations

The 8 best help desk software for 2023

Looking to improve your customer experience in 2023 with a quality help desk? Find out more about which one is right for your business.
work culture

Leadership and the power of authenticity in a remote workforce

Meet Ell, a Project Manager based in Toronto, Canada. Since starting at Influx in 2017, Ell relocated from Jamaica and has learned lots of leadership skills along the way.
business operations

Partnering customer success and marketing teams

Align your marketing and customer success teams to improve customer experience and better understand the customer journey.
tips and tutorials

How to de-escalate an angry customer

De-escalation of angry customers is an art form and when performed correctly, can even lead to long-term, happy customers. Read our guide to find out more!
Case Study

AnimalHouse Fitness case study: Maintain inbox zero with great brand match for social media coverage

See how AnimalHouse Fitness works with Influx to maintain inbox zero and handle social media inquiries with excellent brand match.