Case Study

Spoonflower case study: 91% CSAT for 3,200~ tickets p/month with scale-up capacity for seasonal spikes

See the case study PDF. 

About Spoonflower:

Spoonflower is an on-demand digital printing marketplace for custom fabric, wallpaper, and home decor. The brand connects makers and consumers with independent artists around the world, using eco-friendly, sustainable, and scalable manufacturing processes.

Influx team setup:

  • 5 dedicated agents
  • Chat and email via Zendesk
  • Scale up capacity for seasonal spikes

Influx team results:

  • 91% CSAT
  • 1-minute FRT for chat
  • 3,200~ tickets p/month

Getting started with Influx:

Spoonflower came to Influx in September 2021 in preparation for seasonal spikes from Black Friday through New Year. They needed an additional team to handle ticket spikes during the holidays and ensure a 90%+ CSAT. 

The Influx team consists of 5 dedicated agents based in Jamaica with a flexible scale-up of two additional agents for peak season starting each October. The team exceeds the targeted ticket value of 750 tickets p/week, handling 3,200~ tickets p/month with a 1-minute first response time for chat and a 91% CSAT.


Spoonflower has had a consistently great relationship with Influx since the start. Huge kudos to the agents who all achieve/maintain a high CSAT score and exceed their KPIs. We use the Influx team as the benchmark for all customer support at Spoonflower and utilize their feedback for operational and service improvements.

-Molly Coleman Graven, Customer Service Supervisor at Spoonflower

About Influx: 

Influx provides flexible, on-demand support across channels with all management and training included. Scale coverage up and down as needed with agents ready to go in as little as one week. Ready to try Influx? Contact sales.