Case Study

Mobile app with 30 million global users improves CSAT from 90% to 94%

The challenge

An audiobook app company with 30 million users and a small customer service team needing to scale with an increased volume of ~7,000 tickets/month.

After a successful marketing campaign, this subscription-based service saw a huge spike in customer inquiries, which grew ticket volume to around 7,000/month. The company’s small internal team became inundated by the sudden increase in tickets — particularly during evenings and weekends. This after-hours backlog prevented the business from being able to catch up, and severely impacted first response time (FRT).

In 2018, the company came to Influx for help.

The need

With a committed, global customer base, plus being on track to achieve unicorn startup status, the company had very specific customer support needs, including:

  • Weekend + after-hours extended coverage — to address customer concerns promptly and reduce the internal team’s piling backlog.
  • Prompt first response time (FRT) — to improve service quality and responsiveness.
  • A flexible, scalable support solution — to manage spikes in ticket volume for a consistent, high-quality support experience year-round.

The company sought a high-quality support solution to ensure seamless service delivery and maintain a reputation for excellence.

The solution

As an extension of the company’s internal team, Influx provided a Support as a Service solution of 6 dedicated agents in 3 regions. This solution provided customers with 24/7 coverage, enabling real-time support no matter the time of day.

The Influx team handled ⅓ of total ticket volume (roughly 2,000-3,000 tickets/month) via email, to achieve:

  • An 80% reduction in first response time (FRT) from ~40 hours to >8 hours
  • An increase in customer satisfaction score (CSAT) from 90% to 94+%
  • An average response of 60 tickets/day/agent

Since the partnership began in 2018, Influx acts as a flexible layer of support, scaling up or down depending on the company’s ticket volume to maintain consistent, high-quality coverage throughout the year.

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