Case Study

Meshki reduces internal workload by 85% with fully-managed support

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Meshki is all about backing up their exceptional products with outstanding service and support to their customers. But with over 25,000 conversations a month, it’s not an easy task for the internal team.

To solve this, Influx acts as an extension of the existing team. As the first layer of support, Influx agents handle 85% of the conversations.

Confident in knowing that tier 1 support tickets are being handled with proactive and attentive customer care, the Meshki internal team can focus on delivering an outstanding experience to customers with tier 2 support issues.

About Meshki

Meshki is a women’s fashion brand, offering luxurious styles at affordable prices to a global clientele. Meshki embodies a fusion of style, substance, and the transformative power of a great outfit. Each Meshki collection is created over six months of intricate planning to design pieces that celebrate the trends while also standing the test of time.

In 2020, Meshki tapped into the American market with, and reached European audiences in 2022 with This grew the brand by 589% in just 3 months.

Today, the Meshki brand is shipped to over 190 countries and is beloved by fashionistas, models, and celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Elsa Hosk, and Bella Hadid.

The need

As a brand with a cult-like following, with a loyal and highly engaged customer base, Meshki needs their:

‣ Customers to experience “the best customer service they’ve ever received” - this is a core brand value

‣ Tickets resolved in one touch - to maintain their high levels of customer satisfaction (90% CSAT)

Brand voice, tone and energy fully reflected in every interaction, regardless of channel

Meshki also needed their tier 1 support solution to work autonomously, and with a continuous improvement approach. That way, they could continue to focus on delighting customers with complex support issues.

The solution

The Meshki-Influx team extension consists of 10 full-time agents from diverse global locations to ensure multiple time zone coverage.

They handle 20,000 to 30,000 tickets per month across voice, email, and live chat, achieving:

‣ Email First Response Time (FRT) 34% faster than the retail benchmark (14 hours vs 17 hours)

‣ Live Chat First Response Time (FRT) of 50 seconds

‣ Phone average wait time in queue of 30 seconds

Influx agents conduct every interaction with an approach that is not just about resolving tickets, but creating meaningful conversations that resonate with Meshki’s brand values, including promoting body positivity and ensuring customer satisfaction across diverse geographies.

Accounting for 85% of all tickets, Influx’s team efficiently manages a range of inquiries, from pre-sales support encompassing restocking queries and style advice to post-sales support involving tracking shipments and resolving order-related issues. The Influx team utilizes three management tiers to ensure autonomous improvement and constant alignment, so Meshki can continue to focus on growth.

Partnering with Influx has helped us take a majority of ticket load volume off our internal team, all while delivering excellent customer experiences. For us, one of the best benefits is their recruitment and management of awesome agents. Influx’s quality of work and positive attitude is the perfect solution to provide that first line of support for our customers.

- Isaac Byers, Customer Service Manager at Meshki

Key metrics

Email First Response Time (FRT): Achieved an FRT of less than 12 hours for non-urgent emails, with priority and urgent customer emails being addressed within 2 hours.

Live Chat First Response Time (FRT): Averaging 50 seconds, showcasing the team’s ability to engage with customers in real-time effectively. This rapid response time is particularly important for live chat interactions, where customer expectations for immediate assistance are high.

Average Handle Time (AHT): For email, the AHT was maintained at 30 minutes, and for live chat, an impressive AHT of 30 seconds was achieved, demonstrating the efficiency of Influx’s support agents in resolving customer inquiries quickly while maintaining quality.

Operational Coverage: Influx provided Meshki with 8 hours/5 days coverage per agent, resulting in total 7-day coverage weekly, ensuring that customer inquiries are addressed promptly any day of the week.

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