Case Study

Bearpaw case study: 100% customer support for 2x seasonal ticket spikes

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About Bearpaw:

Bearpaw is an outdoor lifestyle brand specializing in sheepskin boots and shoes for men, women, and children. The brand produces a wide range of footwear including warm boots, cozy slippers, and rugged hikers that encourage one to Live Life Comfortably.

The company celebrated 20 years of business last year. To mark the occasion, Bearpaw donated $20,000 to the Smartest Forest Fund to help restore fire-damaged areas in the Sierra Nevada forest. Continuing their efforts to support important causes this winter, Bearpaw has partnered with the USA for UNHCR in donating 120,000 pairs of warm boots to families in need in Ukraine.

Influx team setup:

  • 5 dedicated voice agents and 1 dedicated digital agent
  • Email, live chat, and voice
  • 6-5pm PST coverage 5 days/week
  • Based in Jamaica and Brazil

Influx team results:

  • Handles 100% customer support inbox
  • 91% CSAT
  • 2x seasonal ticket spikes managed

Getting started with Influx:

Bearpaw previously worked with a customer support agency that wasn’t entirely connected to their internal operation. The brand sought to build a personalized team of CX experts that would work directly with their own CS manager.

Influx built a support operation of dedicated agents to deliver timely, high-quality email and voice support. The team handles 100% of all customer support for Bearpaw with an 91% CSAT. They also handle 2x ticket spikes during the holiday season when tickets rise from approximately 1600 tickets to 3500 tickets/month.

What they’re saying about Influx:

“Bearpaw started working with Influx to create more of an in-house feel for our customer support operations. We’re really satisfied with the relationship of our dedicated agents and the responsiveness of everyone at Influx.”

-Colin Pinelli, eCommerce Operations Manager at Bearpaw

**About Influx: **

Our support agents are ready to go in one week with full training in everything related to your brand. Influx provides flexible support outsourcing that includes delivering high-quality responses, 24/7, using email, chat, social media, and voice.

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