Case Study

ettitude case study: End-to-end eCommerce support on demand.

About ettitude

ettitude is a direct-to-consumer start-up that creates sustainable bedding and sleepwear out of organic bamboo materials – disrupting the sleep industry and saving the planet! 

As a sustainable business, ettitude strives to make a minimal negative impact on our planet and local environment, community, society, and economy.

Influx Team Setup

  • 24/7 support coverage
  • 9 agents working via Support as a Service across three regions
  • Flex and scale up capacity

Influx Team Results

  • 78% one click resolutions
  • 44% of outbound volume
  • Customer satisfaction: 4.63 stars 

What They’re Saying about Influx:

“From the beginning, partnering with Influx has been such a big win for us. e-Commerce is hugely seasonal, and Influx allows us to support that seasonality with confidence. 

Our Influx team manages a wide variety of tickets, from returns and shipping issues to product questions and sales promotions. They work closely with our internal operation to provide high-quality support for our customers when we need it, which has allowed us to build out our global operation through all stages of growth.”

- Sean Roche, Operations and Logistics Manager at ettitude

About Influx

Influx builds month-to-month customer support teams that scale and flex to enable brands to deliver fast, high-quality support experiences, 24/7.

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