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Case Study: Manly Bands - multi-tier support using Front and Shopify. Two hour response times 24/7

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by Lucy Jasper

After struggling to find a unique and affordable wedding band for their own nuptials, John and Michelle created Manly Bands in the fall of 2016. Not only did they want to create an easier buying solution; they wanted to make it fun.

From day one, they’ve used customer service as a differentiator. Competitors selling online or in person (local jewelers) deliver poor selection while often charging twice as much. Other competitors, like Amazon, can’t provide the personal understanding of the product.

Our Influx agents go deep to process returns and exchanges. They interpret grey area scenarios and answer customer questions in detail. We continue to get rave reviews from our customers. So much of our new business is customer referrals.

Manly Bands works with Influx to deliver thoughtful and fast responses, 24/7. Turns out this focus on the customer works; after only one year into operation, Manly Bands was selling to more than 1,500 customers per month with much of their new business driven through customer referrals.

Influx powers 90% of their support experience. Freeing up more of John and Michelle’s time to focus on the big picture of their business.

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Photo of Lucy Jasper

Lucy Jasper

Lucy works at Influx. When she isn’t waxing poetic (or figuring out how to use that particular phrase in a sentence), she is probably setting unattainable health goals or grocery shopping.