Case Study

Winkl case study: Instant live chat support with a 94% customer feedback rating

About Winkl

Winkl is a New Zealand-based startup specializing in mattresses, pillows, and bed frames. On a mission to fix the mattress industry, the Kiwi sleep company believes consumers don’t need a seven-layer mattress to get a good night of sleep… Simply, a well-designed bed that’s been tested by real people. 

Not to mention, the company has founded The Winkl Kiwi Project, which helps give the indigenous Kiwi bird a fighting chance at survival. 

Influx team setup

  • Platforms: Email and live chat
  • Coverage: 20 hrs/7 days per week
  • Support type: Support as a Service across 3 regions

Influx team results

  •  1m 15s first response time
  • Successfully maintain inbox zero
  • Consistent positive customer feedback of 94%

What they are saying about Influx:

“The whole operation at Influx has been really responsive, from the team leaders to our day to day support operation - it’s been fantastic! The flexibility and responsiveness of the agents was instrumental in giving an amazing customer experience. 

We would not have gotten to where we are today without the support of Influx.”

Genevieve Macleod, customer experience manager at Winkl

About Influx

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