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Catch up on CX news regarding OpenAI, SAP, and Salesforce… and how Meta plans to offload Kustomer after acquiring it for $1B.

Listen to 11 podcasts to keep your CX game sharp and be sure to check out the top customer success events to attend in 2023.

Insight #1: 72% of CFOs plan to maintain spending on customer support in 2023, despite economic pressures. (Gartner)

Insight #2: 73% of consumers believe AI can have a positive impact on their customer experience. (Businesswire)

Insight #3: 64% of consumers spend more money with a brand if their issues are resolved. (Zendesk)

Insight #4: US businesses lose $35.3B a year in churn caused by avoidable CX issues. (CallMiner)

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