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Maximizing eCommerce potential with pre-sales support

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by   Mikayla Fuller
February 29, 2024

The buyer’s journey is full of questions. From initial curiosity to the final decision, customers often seek guidance and information before making the decision to purchase. There are a number of ways to give your customers information before they purchase, but one of the best and most effective ways to help them is through eCommerce pre-sales support.

Pre-sales support boosts customer confidence by offering genuine, honest advice about a product to help customers make the most informed decision. Because the purchase decision isn’t always easy, researching can frustrate customers, who may end up clicking away from your website in search of something else if they can’t find answers easily.

Pre-sales support offers the opportunity to prevent decision paralysis and improve conversions by meeting your customers where they are. In this way, pre-sales can be used as a revenue generator and a way to boost new customer growth.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of pre-sales support, common pre-sales topics, and how to kick off pre-sales support.

What is pre-sales support?

Pre-sales support is a service that businesses give to customers that answers questions, gives information, and helps customers decide what to buy before they make the purchase decision. Answering pre-sales questions is an important factor in an eCommerce store’s conversion rate.

68% of consumers say that brands and retailers can prevent decision paralysis by providing honest, personal advice.

As Mayang, an Influx Delivery Manager of 4+ years, perfectly puts it…

Pre-sales support assists customers with their inquiries by providing personalized recommendations in a fast response time, simplifying buying decisions for potential customers, increasing their satisfaction and sales.

The core goal of pre-sales support is to help customers make informed buying decisions by being available to answer their questions.

Pre-sales support benefits

Over the past 10+ years, Influx has built support teams for more than 300 high-growth brands in the US, Australia, and Europe. Here are some of the top pre-sales support benefits we’ve helped our clients achieve.

1. Meet customer needs and expectations from the start

Have you ever bought something that wasn’t quite what you expected? Perhaps you were disappointed with the purchase and regretted your decision. We’ve all been there. The involvement of pre-sales support during the sales process increases the likelihood of a product meeting a customer’s expectations, which lays the groundwork for brand loyalty and establishes trust. From the very beginning, you were able to convey if/how the product could specifically benefit the customer and then deliver on that promise—a win for both parties.

2. Reduce negative emotions during the online buying process

Emotions—whether good or bad—influence consumer behavior. Pre-sales support can help mitigate feelings of anxiety or uncertainty, ensuring that customers feel supported and valued every step of the way.

3. Make the purchase decision simple

Information overload is a state of being overwhelmed by information that can result in fatigue and cognitive dissonance. Providing assistance to potential customers prevents information overload, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and illustrating that a business places the customer’s need first.

4. Use transparency as a way to boost conversions

Leveraging transparency in pre-sales support not only enhances the customer experience but also serves as a persuasive tool in driving conversions and fostering long-term customer relationships.

5. Enhance the customer experience with relationship-building conversations

82% of sales pros say that building relationships with people is the most important part of selling. Sometimes, customers want more than just facts and data; they want to hear about the product’s real-world application that applies to their personal situation. Talking with an agent who is an expert on a product makes customers leave the conversation with a positive feeling about their decision, which increases trust in your brand, even if the product might not have been the right fit.

Real-time assistance and product promotion in pre-sales support

Influx agents offer dynamic pre-sales support, leveraging real-time interactions to promote our clients’ offerings effectively. Through active probing, our agents tailor recommendations to match each customer’s unique needs, utilizing pricing comparisons and visual aids as necessary.

From initial inquiry to follow-up questions, Influx agents address all aspects of the customer journey within a single, uninterrupted conversation that increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales. Additionally, our voice-capable agents are equipped to conduct live demos, providing comprehensive assistance and enhancing the customer’s understanding and experience. Get a quote for pre-sales support today!

Keep reading to learn more about what types of questions Influx agents are pre-trained to expertly handle.

Common pre-sales topics

Pre-sales support is essential in educating consumers about the product, service, or software they are interested in. The following categories contain a few examples of pre-sales inquiries, which support agents should be trained and informed on to answer accurately.

Product details

53% of shoppers always do research before buying to ensure they are making the best possible choice. Prospects want to know about product specifications like color or size, features, dimensions, warranty, compatibility with other products, etc. Pre-sales support is an opportunity to answer specific product details and positively impact the purchase decision.

  1. “How does this compare to competitors?”
  2. “Which product do you recommend for thick hair?”
  3. “What are the side effects? Ingredients? Is it suitable for X?”​​​​​​

Shipping questions and technical support

Delivery conditions greatly influence the customer experience in eCommerce. 63% of online shoppers have abandoned a purchase because the delivery options were unsatisfactory. Prospects may want to know about expedited shipping options, international shipping policies, or troubleshooting steps for placing an order online.

  1. “What are the shipping options available for this product?”
  2. “I am experiencing a problem with placing my order. Can you help?”
  3. “Is expedited shipping available for this product?”

Pricing frustration or confusion

Pricing inquiries are common in pre-sales support, as prospects may have questions or concerns about discounts, promotions, price-matching policies, and additional fees. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how the product is worth the price by showcasing its unique selling points.

  1. “Why does the price vary between different colors/sizes of the same product?”
  2. “Do you offer any discounts for bulk orders?”

Sourcing, ethical concerns, and brand values

78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important. Increasingly, customers are interested in the ethical practices of brands, including sourcing materials, production methods, labor conditions, and environmental sustainability. If a customer is interested enough in your products to ask detailed questions, consider it an opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with them.

  1. “Can you provide information about the ethical sourcing of your products?”
  2. “What initiatives does your company have in place to reduce its environmental impact?”

Doubts about product efficacy

Some prospects may want reassurance about the effectiveness of a product before they commit to a purchase. A library of reviews, testimonials, guarantees, or return policies can alleviate any doubts about the product’s performance.

  1. “What is your return policy if the product doesn’t meet my expectations?”
  2. “What do other customers typically say about the performance of this product?”

Stock checks

Stock checks are crucial for customers to plan their purchases and avoid disappointment due to unavailable items. Prospects may inquire about current availability, expected restocking times, or options for backorder items that are temporarily out of stock. Providing accurate and up-to-date information about stock availability helps customers make informed decisions and improves their overall shopping experience.

  1. “When do you expect to have this item back in stock?”
  2. “Are there any similar products if this one is out of stock?”
  3. “Can I reserve this item in advance if it’s out of stock but expected to be available soon?”

Getting started with pre-sales support

Looking to improve your pre-sales support but aren’t sure whether you have the necessary resources or tools? Influx assists businesses in establishing scalable and cost-effective customer support, including pre-sales support with no commitments and flexible pricing.

Delegating your pre-sales support to Influx allows you to focus on strategic planning for your company’s growth and goals. See how brands partner with Influx to scale, flex, and grow their business fast!

Our fully managed, pre-trained team becomes an extension of yours, providing seamless, top-notch service that elevates your brand experience. Learn more about how Influx can elevate your pre-sales support!

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