Case Study

Motor Trend on Demand Case Study: 24/7 omnichannel support with 2x burst coverage

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About Motor Trend on Demand

Motor Trend on Demand is an automotive entertainment platform streaming shows including Roadkill, Top Gear America, Wheeler Dealer, Celebrity Rides, and Motor MythBusters. Customers have exclusive access to live events, behind-the-scenes coverage, new releases, exclusive shows in a simple on-demand format.

Influx team setup

  • 10 agents across 3 regions
  • 24/7 support
  • Omnichannel coverage for email, chat, and social media
  • Burst & scale up capacity

Influx Team Results

  • 3,000+ conversations p/month
  • 30-minute response time, 24/7
  • 2x burst capacity over the holidays
  • 2x increase in one-click resolutions

Getting started with Influx

Motor Trend On Demand came to Influx after parting ways with a previous support provider. They wanted to build an extension of their in-house team to handle coverage across multiple regions for email, chat, and social media. 

Influx created a hybrid team of five dedicated agents covering 16 hours per day and a Support as a Service team for weekends/bursts. Agents are located in Jamaica, Indonesia, and Kenya. 

The team handles 3,000+ conversations/month with 30-minute response times. Within the first three months, there was an 81% reduction in first response times with a 2x increase in one-click resolutions. The team scales 2x for burst coverage during the holiday season and has been integral in assisting with internal system changes over the years.

What they’re saying about Influx:

“The Influx team is incredibly easy to work with and they have taken great interest in our business which makes things so much easier. I consider them an extension of our team.

We’re now delivering fast resolutions at all hours, across all channels, while covering seasonal bumps and launches.

We started with a simple Support as a Service team, and now have a combined team of 5+ agents and Support as a Service agents.”

- Erin Sprinkle, Head of Customer Experience at MotorTrend Group

About Influx

Influx provides flexible support outsourcing for high-growth brands through a distributed team of agents and managers, delivering high-quality responses, 24/7, using email, chat, social media and voice.

Companies with highly variant support volumes work with Influx to deliver consistently high-quality support, 24/7, as a fully autonomous team. Learn how Influx works here.

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