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How to retain your brand voice and values when outsourcing customer support

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by   Mikayla Fuller
August 3, 2022

Aligning customer experience with company values and consistently maintaining brand voice is something that many businesses struggle to achieve. Instead of siloing support and losing sight of the foundation your business has been built on, it’s important to evoke the same high level of support to customers across all platforms. 

Keeping your business’s brand voice and values intact with outsourced CX teams doesn’t have to be difficult or keep you from utilizing external teams. In fact, outsourced teams can be an asset when it comes to these key pieces of your business.

The importance of brand voice

Think of brand voice this way - your brand exists within people’s imaginations. Consumers have thoughts and feelings about your business -whether that’s through marketing efforts, what they’ve read or heard, or through personal experience. Your business is an organization that exists within their minds, and your brand voice vocalizes those thoughts and turns them into an entity with personality; further propelling a business into reality and giving it character. 

Developing a brand voice - the unique way that you present your business to the world - must run invariably through all forms of communication (newsletters, social media, website, blogs, ads, and of course, your outsourced support) no matter which team is handling which channel. Your brand voice cannot change. If it does and if it’s inconsistent, it completely ruins the imaginary entity that people perceive a business to be and leaves uncertainty and doubt. 

The importance of brand values

Essentially, your brand values shape company culture and your community of consumers. These core values - the foundations of what is important to your business - are meaningful in a way that resonates both with employees and consumers. They give you something to work for, a reason customers purchase, and something to believe in supporting. Developing strong brand values are important for developing your brand voice and identity. They should help guide your decisions and keep you on track for what you’re striving to achieve. 

Your brand and consumers

A strong brand voice and explicit values are things to lean on to drive performance. The secret to raising retention and market loyalty is providing excellent customer assistance. Maintaining brand voice and values through each touchpoint solidifies a more memorable brand and draws people to your business. In relation to outsourced CX teams, each time an agent picks up the phone or responds in a chat/email, they must use a tone of voice that exquisitely matches your brand’s personality and conveys its values. 

According to OnBuy, 71% of consumers prefer to buy products or services from brands they know. Your brand voice speaks the language of your audience and allows you to better connect with them through consistent language. Consistent brand voice and expressed values also increases loyal customers who turn into long-term, repeat buyers, because they know what to expect when interacting with your business. 

Ensuring consistent brand voice and values with outsourced support

A good outsourced support partner knows the importance of your company’s brand voice and values and will uphold them with every customer interaction. 

At Influx, we start every new client with a two-week training period that allows our teams to learn everything there is to know about your business—from how you interact with customers to your company culture, brand voice and values. Influx agents are an extension of your team in every way possible- and that includes matching your brand tone and upholding the values that are important to you.

Get started with Influx today

It’s completely valid to be concerned about an outsourced CX team’s ability to communicate your brand voice and values to your clients.

Influx agents quickly train in your company’s brand voice to become the perfect extension of your in-house customer service department. Learn how Influx can scale your business and exceed your customer support expectations. Get a quote today.

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