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9 reasons to outsource your sales team

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by   Graysen Christopher
November 15, 2022

Sales outsourcing services allow companies to improve sales efforts without the hassle of training and managing more people. The benefits of outsourcing sales operations are excellent with the right team.

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is the process of delegating sales responsibilities to an outsourced company with a dedicated and experienced workforce. 

Inbound sales outsourcing

Inbound sales leads come from potential clients looking for more information about a company’s products or services. Inbound sales outsourcing teams reach out to these leads with the goal of converting potential clients into customers. 

Outbound sales outsourcing

Outbound sales are generated by sales team members who reach out to potential clients that could benefit from the company’s products or services. An outsourced sales team helps a company generate new leads, which alleviates pressure on internal sales team members. 

The sales teams on demand at Influx work to close the gap between calls booked and deals closed through lead development and appointment setting.


Why do companies outsource their sales team?

There are a few reasons companies choose to outsource including a lack of internal resources, a desire to increase sales, or to cut costs. No matter the reason for outsourcing sales, there are many benefits that companies can take full advantage of. 

What are the benefits of outsourcing your sales operation?

Below are nine major benefits of outsourcing sales operations. 

1. Lower overhead costs 

Outsourcing allows leadership to cut overhead costs while expanding sales coverage. Hiring an outsourced team frees up internal resources that would typically be used for interviewing, onboarding, training, and managing. The team can also aid with operational inefficiencies such as employee turnover, changes in priority, and skill gaps that would normally affect the bottom line.

2. Save time and resources

An outsourced team provides round-the-clock support and stays up to date with market changes and new opportunities. Without the worry of generating leads, the internal team can focus on specific job duties, strategy, and valuable company developments.

Hiring experienced SDRs can be challenging and time-consuming, which is why Influx has the best agents ready to go and launch in just one week. 

3. Flex and scale as needed

Business needs are constantly evolving, which makes adaptability a major advantage of outsourcing. The ability to scale up and down as needed based on circumstances including budget, seasonal bursts, project cycles, and growth make sales outsourcing a great option in an ever-changing environment. The teams can also expand coverage to new target markets or products and services.

4. Low risk

With the ability to flex and scale, plus no lock-in contracts or hidden fees, there is low risk when it comes to working with Influx.  We learn the needs and goals of a company and then implement a team structure that is the right fit. 

5. Book more calls and close more deals

With an outsourced team qualifying leads and focusing on more tedious tasks, the internal team can focus on closing deals and boosting profits. Outsourced sales teams are experts in the field, utilizing forward-thinking and efficient, executable processes to help propel your organization. Every team member at Influx has been recruited based on passion and trained to execute and deliver results for our customers.

6. Performance metrics tracked

The best way for an outsourced partner to showcase efficiency is through the execution of clear and focused performance metrics. This provides a clear roadmap of desired results and creates accountability for ongoing success through measurements including KPIs and NPS.

Influx establishes specific key performance metrics with each client that are tracked and managed by our team. We use custom reports to track agent success and compare their performance to the established benchmarks, which helps with self-management and self-improvement.

7. Training and management included

As mentioned before, hiring an outsourced sales team saves time and money in terms of recruitment, training, and management. At Influx, training and management are included for clients. Our company runs three types of autonomous management to improve response quality, coverage, and channel ownership. Every agent reports to a local manager, and we also use a client-specific manager to run client-specific training, QA, and reviews.

8. Improve customer experience

Outsourced teams are well-versed in best practices and strive to hit all benchmarks for a client, meaning they are laser-focused on customer experience. Plus, with round-the-clock support, every customer will be contacted quickly and efficiently. 

9. Gain a competitive advantage

Outsourced sales teams are experts in the field and use their experience to provide helpful insights and techniques. The teams can also help companies gain access to new or existing markets. A faster, more agile team will give your company an edge over competitors.

Are there any risks involved with outsourcing sales?

Companies may feel uneasy giving over aspects of their sales process to an outsourced partner, especially those responsible for hitting performance goals. Be sure to work with an outsourced sales company that tracks performance goals and progress to ease these concerns.

Leaders can also have a hard time envisioning another company representing their brand, which is why Influx matches your company’s brand voice to be a trusted extension of your team. 

How much does it cost to outsource your sales?

The cost to outsource sales varies depending on the company. Influx uses a simple, pay-as-you go pricing model to match cost with revenue without any setup fee or lock-in contract. Learn more about Influx pricing and find the plan that is best for your company. 

How to start outsourcing sales with Influx

At a time when scalability, speed, and focus are essential, outsourcing sales is a proven way for companies to quickly and effectively drive revenue. 

The world’s best hypergrowth brands trust Influx to superpower their sales teams and help close more deals. We are experts at delivering best-in-class outsourced teams that will be the secret weapon for your company’s growth. Get started with Influx today!

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