Case Study

Marketplace unlocks $1.6 million in new revenue with on demand sales agents

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A leading US-based industrial firm hired Influx in July 2022 to help them grow their two-sided marketplace. They needed to sign up more vendors, and close more sales from customers.

The on demand Influx sales team consisted of 10 sales reps, locking in growth. The fully-managed solution (training, upskilling & QA) closed $1.6 million in new revenue in five months.


  • 3 sales development representatives (SDRs), later scaling to 10
  • Inbound lead qualification
  • Verify sales qualified leads
  • Inbound lead engagement
  • Omni-channel outreach to prospects

Influx team setup

  • 3 sales reps at launch
  • 10 sales reps after two years
  • Sales management included
  • Sales rep training included
  • Revenue QA included
  • Weekly reporting included
  • Monthly team flexibility

Influx activities

  • Inbound + outbound lead conversion - phone calls, emails, and text
  • Inbound + outbound lead qualification - phone calls, emails, and text
  • Revenue QA


  • Total revenue generated: $1.6+ million over 5 months
  • 5% conversation rate, consistent for every agent
  • 2,000+ leads/month

Getting started with Influx

This firm grew rapidly. As is often the case with businesses on the fast track, they encountered a common challenge: their internal sales team was swamped with a flood of inbound leads. Recognizing the need to streamline their sales development efforts, the company made the strategic decision to explore outsourcing as a simple solution.

In their search for the right partner, they turned to Influx, initially launching with a team of three sales representatives. Achieving significant progress in lead qualification and conversion rates, Later, they expanded their outsourced team to five, seven, and then 10 SDRs— a decision that allowed them to reduce their internal team for a more cost-effective solution.

Working with Influx, they were able to handle a higher volume of qualified leads, close more deals, and generate over $1.6 million in revenue over five months.

What they are saying about Influx

“Partnering with Influx has been nothing short of an amazing opportunity. What began as a strategic collaboration has now grown into an indispensable partnership that has helped us close more deals and increase our revenue. Influx has become an integral part of our growth story, and their expertise is a driving force behind our continued success.”

– Client (Chief Operating Officer)

About Influx

Less qualifying, more closing… it’s that simple. Influx provides an extra layer of sales support with all management and training included. Whether you need sales assistants or a dedicated sales team, Influx SDRs supercharge your pipeline to close more qualified deals.

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