Team mechanics and specialization - interview with Kirsty Traill at Hootsuite - Part 2

In the second part of our interview with Hootsuite's VP of Customer, Kirsty Traill we talk support KPI's and how you lead a hugely global support team to success.
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How to reduce your customer churn rate

Positive net churn combined with a scalable growth channel enables your company to grow exponentially. Here's how we did it.
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How to define your customers: Type vs. Time

Reduce churn and improve your customer experience with this simple model.

Team culture and multichannel support - interview with Kirst Traill at Hootsuite - Part 1

Now VP of Customer, Kirsty Traill talks to us about how she supports 16 million+ users across 175 countries. She's spent 15+ years in customer facing roles.
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Zendesk Setup and Tutorials

Struggling to get Zendesk working? We've created a series of simple step-by-step tutorials to get your instance working like a pro.
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The Intercom live chat experience that gave me life

Coming up to GDPR, I felt a little defeated, a lot confused, and genuinely couldn’t wait for May 25th to arrive. After countless emails trying to wade through the murky waters of “What does the GDPR really mean for Australian internet-type business,”

New Feature: Multi-user access for the Influx dashboard

We've just launched our most requested feature since day 1 of Influx in 2013: Multi-user access.

Building an early support team for a high-growth SaaS business - interview with Cori Morris from Front

Cori Morris has been leading the support operations at Front since the launch of their in-house support operation. Growing the team from a party of one to six with a bunch of learnings along the way.
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Get more leads with these six automated live chat tactics

Adding live chat to your funnel is not only a great way to support your customers; it can also prove to be super fruitful in igniting sales and optimising leads.