Case Study

AKKO case study: After-hours coverage for 142% ticket increase via live chat and email

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About AKKO:

AKKO is a platform for modern device insurance solutions that offers top-rated protection plans for all types of electronics including cell phones, laptops, tablets, home electronics and other personal property. Their affordable plans cover accidental damages, device malfunctions and parts failures, as well as theft, for both new, used, and refurbished devices. 

The high-growth brand had it’s claim-to-fame in 2019 with a first-of-its-kind bundled protection plan that protects 1 phone + up to 25 other devices for only $15 per month, disrupting the $20B electronics protection plan and extended warranty market and leading to their naming as the “Spotify of Protection Plans.” 

Since breaking into the market, they’ve gone on to work with numerous prominent partners in the cellular retail, electronics, and insurance industries, resulting in a need to scale their customer support to continue delivering the best consumer experience in the device insurance category. 

Influx team setup

  • After-hours coverage out of 2 regions
  • Email and live chat
  • Multiple dedicated agents

Influx team results

  • Coverage during 142% inbound ticket spikes
  • Perfect brand match with a friendly tone
  • 4.6 Trustpilot rating
  • Switch from Support as a Service to dedicated agents 

Getting started with Influx:

AKKO came to Influx during a high growth phase that led to an increase in ticket volume. The team was ready to extend their customer support for after hours coverage and improve response times outside of normal business hours. AKKO wanted fast and reliable after-hours support for live chat and email.

Influx built an after-hours support solution via the Support as a Service model. Between the first and second years of the partnership, AKKO experienced spikes of up to 142% increases in ticket volumes. The brand then switched their support coverage from the Support as a Service model to a team of dedicated agents in Indonesia and Jamaica. This change has allowed the in house team to focus more on growing the business, and help their in house customer support team stay on top of providing top-tier support to AKKO’s customers and partners. 

What they’re saying about Influx:

“Working with Influx has been incredibly valuable to our team over the past year as we’ve entered a period of rapid scaling. Moving to their dedicated agent model enabled our team to have after-hours support that was well-trained and knowledgeable on the often nuanced topics of our products and led to them becoming an integral and appreciated part of the AKKO family.”

-Max Wachman, CX Senior Manager at AKKO

About Influx: 

With pre-trained CX professionals, 24/7 coverage and smart helpdesk integrations, we’re ready to step up your support within a week. Take charge of the inbox and free up your in house team to do their best work. We’ll handle the rest.