Case Study

Asana Rebel case study: 100% customer support in 6 languages across 7 platforms

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About Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a healthy lifestyle app built for anyone who wants to get in shape by offering hundreds of workouts as well as sleep assistance, music for focus and meditation, healthy lifestyle tips, and more.

With over 44,000 Apple store reviews at 4.7-stars, Asana Rebel is one of the most popular and highly-rated wellness apps in the app store.

Influx team setup

  • 8 dedicated agents 
  • 8/5 coverage
  • Multi-channel and multi-platform support (Zendesk, Recurly, Asana Rebel app, Google Play Console, CMS, App Follow, Stripe)
  • Multi-lingual inbox management in 6 languages
  • Bug reporting

Influx team results

  • Handles 100% customer support inbox across multi-channels and customer platforms
  • Resolve 8000+ support tickets per month
  • 24-hour response time 
  • Six languages – English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Provides complete end-to-end solutions

Getting started with Influx:

Asana Rebel experienced massive growth in 2020. As people explored innovative ways to work out at home, the shift towards personal home-based app-driven gyms saw their inbox volume grow from around 1,000 tickets to over 8,000 tickets a month. Company co-founder Pascal Klein was looking for a support partner to provide weekend support in English as an extension to the internal customer service team.

Today, the 8-person dedicated agent team provides 100% of Asana Rebel’s customer support across all customer-facing channels, including in-app support, Zendesk, Recurly, Google Play Console, CMS, App Follow, and Stripe in six different languages. The customer support team is also responsible for bug reporting and app feedback reporting to the development team.

What they are saying about Influx: 

“Influx has been a fantastic partner. We’ve been able to scale our service without sacrificing quality. This past year, we saw a significant spike. Working with Influx, we managed to support that spike seamlessly with their end-to-end solution.”

- Pascal Klein, co-founder of Asana Rebel.

About Influx: 

Influx builds flexible and scaleable customer support teams on-demand that are ready to launch in just one week for companies to deliver consistently, high-quality 24/7 customer service across multiple channels and in different languages. 

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