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Biteable case study: 24/7 support with 2-minute resolution time and 90% CSAT

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About Biteable

Biteable is a video creation platform empowering millions of people – from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies – to engage and grow their audience with video. More than 4 million+ people use Biteable to create impactful, on-brand videos for websites, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Influx Team Setup

  • 8 dedicated agents across three regions
  • 3 dedicated team leaders
  • 24/7 coverage

Influx Team Results

  • 2-minute average resolution time
  • 9,000+ conversations per month
  • 90% CSAT

Getting Started with Influx:

James (Cofounder) and Emily (Support Manager) approached Influx to help with 24/7 support. At the time, Emily was answering 100% of tickets herself and needed a trusted partner to manage their workflow autonomously.  

Biteable started with a Support as a Service team, paying month-to-month based on seasonal changes in inbound conversations. As the company grew, they expanded to add dedicated agents and a team leader. In February 2019 Influx added bi-lingual agents to help with their launch in Portuguese.

Today, Biteable has 8 dedicated agents and 3 team leaders providing 24/7 coverage with an average resolution time of 2 minutes. The Influx team has also helped raise their CSAT to 90%.

What they’re saying about Influx:

Influx feels like part of my team. They care about me. I care about them. The level of involvement is really good. Their commitment to my product is huge, and it shows!

They do the hard work to make informed decisions. They assess refund reviews, troubleshoot product hiccups and run pre-sales conversations. 

When customers tell us something is broken, they roll up their sleeves, figure out what the issue is, then work directly with our on call engineers as needed.

I once went away for two weeks, and I didn’t need to check in once.  They covered everything.  The last couple of Mondays I’ve had literally no backlog of emails.

- Emily Howman, Customer Service Manager at Biteable

About Influx

Influx builds full service support teams that flex and scale monthly, enabling companies to deliver fast, high-quality support experiences, 24/7.

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