Case Study

ClassPass case study: 76 agents resolve 250,000+ tickets per month, surpassing KPIs

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About ClassPass

ClassPass is revolutionizing the fitness and wellness industry by bringing together the world’s best classes and experiences into one app. The company gives clients worldwide access to thousands of top-rated gyms, fitness studios, salons, and spas.

ClassPass members have booked over 100 million hours of classes to date. The female-founded company reached US ‘unicorn’ status with a $1 billion valuation in 2020. 

Influx Team Setup

Influx manages Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets for ClassPass with a team of 66 fully dedicated agents and 10 rotating agents, ensuring 24/7 coverage.

Influx Team Results

  • Resolved 250,000+ tickets per month
  • 89% single touch resolutions
  • 49% reduction in first response time

Getting Started with Influx

ClassPass needed a flex team to help them with significant scale up during Q1, while not compromising standards. Being in the fitness industry, there’s a natural spike in demand during the start of the year.

Influx built a 24/7 operation using three coverage zones, with all agents working normal hours using secure, wfh connections.

The 60+ dedicated agent Influx team onboarded in six days (beating the 14 day estimate), clearing an 11,000 ticket backlog alongside the internal team during the onboarding phase.

What They’re Saying about Influx

*“We absolutely crushed our year over year SLAs, responding to customers quicker than ever before. The Influx team was flexible, agile, accommodating, and reliable. We were honoured to work alongside such dedicated and committed team members. *

We couldn’t have had such a successful Q1 without Influx’s help.”

- Shannon Vilmin, Vendor Operations Specialist at ClassPass

About Influx

Influx builds full service support teams that flex and scale monthly, enabling companies to deliver fast, high-quality support experiences, 24/7.

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