Case Study

Karbon case study: Delivers 24/7 worldwide customer support with 80%+ CSAT and 2,000 conversations a month

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About Karbon

Karbon is a next-generation collaborative work management software for accounting firms to combine emails, discussions, tasks, and workflows. Visibility, efficiency, and connectivity are at the center of the company’s mission.

The California-based company has raised nearly $21m in funding.

Influx team setup

Influx team results

  • 80%+ CSAT
  • 81% of outbound volume per month
  • 2000+ conversations per month


Getting started with Influx:

Stuart McLeod, CEO and co-founder of Karbon came to Influx after experiencing 2-3x growth in 2018 and 2019. The entire team at Karbon was jumping into the support queue – which was distracting them from their core focus: growing the business.

Stuart was looking for a high-quality solution that would provide a layer of support to enable Karbon to focus on developing its product to drive future growth. Influx came on board to provide 24/7 live chat coverage across three regions for their globally growing customer base.

To date, the Influx team handles over 81% of the 2000+ live chat ticket volume via Support as a Service while maintaining an 80+% CSAT.

What they are saying about Influx:

“Working with Influx has allowed us to scale up 24/7 support quickly while delivering a thoughtful and helpful experience. Intercom + Influx delivers fast resolutions for all of our customers. The partnership has been super easy for us to get along with the Influx management, and it’s been a wonderful experience.”

- Andi Ancheta, VP of customer success at Karbon

About Influx

Influx builds full-service support teams that flex and scale monthly, enabling companies to deliver fast, high-quality support experiences, 24/7.

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