Live chat support

Hire live chat agents on demand with everything included: Management, training, QA and insights. Increase customer value with fast resolutions and sales.

See how companies work with Influx to deliver exceptional live chat

Koala Australia's fastest growing furniture company.
Manly bands Case Study: multi-tier support using Front and Shopify
Blenders 10+ full time agents plus burst coverage using Zendesk and Shopify

Professional response quality

We work with established brands and tech companies to deliver excellent customer service via live chat. We act as an extension of your existing team, with regular training, QA and re-training.


Instant response times, 24 hours, Monday to Friday

Our team answers chats as they arrive, allowing you to help your customers faster or turn more website visitors into customers. We can answer a portion of your chats or all of them. You set the criteria.


Use your existing chat platform

Our team and system connects to your existing chat platform. We can connect to all major platforms. Most of our clients use Intercom and Zendesk Chat, but we can connect to other platforms too.


Management and training included

Our complete support operation includes management, training, coordination and QA. Our own technology automatically tracks gaps in coverage and opportunities for improvement.


How to get started

We charge a fixed fee per region for instant responses, plus a marginal cost per conversation. Please request a quote for exact live chat pricing, as the nature of a live chat conversations can vary.

Works with your existing live chat platform


Intercom Intercom
Drift company Drift
Crisp Crisp
Helpshift Helpshift
Messenger facebook Messenger
Zendesk Zendesk Chat

Live chat pricing options

The Value Add Solution

Pay per agent

Hire experienced live chat agents to work a set roster each day. This services includes all management, training, QA, hiring and onboarding.

Hire a consistent workforce that matches your brand values and expectations exactly.

Learn more about dedicated agents.

The flexible solution

Pay per resolution

Hire a distributed team of agents to resolve customer issues quickly, while matching your exact workflow. Pay monthly based on resolutions or closed conversations.

Get in touch to learn more.

The automated solution

On-demand support

Hire a distributed team of agents to respond to all customers quickly. We can both resolve tickets AND escalate tricky conversations, while adding a human layer to set customer expectations and deliver an experience that makes customers want to return.

This offering includes all management, training, QA, hiring and onboarding.

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Get 24/7, fully-managed, multi-tier, multi-channel support, available on demand, in a simple monthly format.

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