Case Study

Koala case study: After Hours Email and Chat Support Powering 70%+ NPS

About Koala

Koala is on a mission to become the smartest way to buy high-quality furniture online. They sold 17,000 mattresses in their first year in business back in 2016, and recently won the 2021 Good Design Award Winner for Product Design - Furniture and Lighting.

It’s this simple yet unrelenting honesty to their products that has earned the brand over 14,200+ five-star reviews.

Team Setup

Influx provides after hours support from 5 pm to 10 pm via Zendesk and Zendesk Chat, while also providing backoffice support during Australian business hours.

Influx Team Results

  • 1,000+ responses/month after hours
  • 40% after hours ticket volume
  • 70%+ NPS

What they’re saying about Influx:

“What I like about Influx is that there’s this sense of being on the same team. There’s always a two way conversation. We’re working together.”

“We’ve matched or improved our scores while working with Influx. We track CES, CS NPS, Product NPS and CSAT.”

- Ben Cadenel, Customer Service Manager at Koala

About Influx

Influx builds full service support teams that flex and scale monthly, enabling companies to deliver fast, high-quality support experiences, 24/7.

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