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Case Study: Sendle - 10+ full time agents supplementing an existing team

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by Lucy Jasper

In addition to building their own team, Sendle uses Influx to provide a buffer layer of support, ensuring excellent service, Monday to Friday, between peaks in support demand and internal coverage.

As one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, they rely heavily on word of mouth referrals which in itself requires a superior support experience for their customers.

Influx has had a hugely positive impact on our operation and ultimately our customers.

They’ve been the motor running our ship; allowing our champs to spread out, focus on complex enquiries and build cadence in delivering quality responses while our company goes through continuous change and growth.

With Influx, they are able to respond to customers quickly and effective with an exceptional experience, enabling their internal team to troubleshoot and proactively fix any issues they encounter along the way.

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Photo of Lucy Jasper

Lucy Jasper

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