eCommerce brands improve their star ratings by 24% while working with Influx

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Star ratings are one of the best indicators of a brand’s reputation. Market disruptors like Allbirds, Ruggable, and Koala have public star ratings of 4.6, 4.3, and 4.5 respectively.

In addition, many companies publicly share their star ratings on their website to build trust and loyalty, generating more sales. See this example from Manly Bands, for example, one of our clients.

Well executed CX strategies drive business value by improving a brand’s reputation. In our research, we found that 55% of five star reviews reference a positive customer service experience.

So, how much does Influx help?

We looked at star ratings in July 2021 for all of our eCommerce clients and compared those ratings to the last month before they became a client.

Overview of client industry ratings before and after partnering with Influx

We removed clients from this analysis where either they didn’t have a third party rating system in place or where we didn’t have access to the historical data. We can find historical review data with Trustpilot and We’re not able to find historical data with Facebook reviews or Amazon reviews.

Collectively, our clients improved their star ratings from 3.1 to 3.8 on average since working with us, a 24% jump.

Average star ratings before and after partnering with Influx

The biggest jumps happened with Food & Beverage and Sports brands. These clients saw a jump of 68% and 63% respectively in their star ratings. Beauty products saw the smallest jump, with only a 10% improvement.

Overview of client industry ratings before and after partnering with Influx

How much does a positive customer service experience affect star ratings?

The above data and chart shows a correlation between working with us and improving a star rating. But, did the Influx team drive this change or was it just a coincidence?

To help answer that question, we then analyzed 100 five-star reviews across five of our clients to see what percentage of reviews mentioned a positive experience. As it turns out, 55% of five-star reviews mention a positive customer service experience.

Breakdown of Influx clients five star reviews with CX mentioned.

Of these, a combined 87% reference either easy exchanges, fast resolutions or helpful reps. Fast resolutions alone represented 25% of all CX mentions in five star reviews, and 14% of all five star reviews.

Fast resolutions by helpful reps matter, and that’s exactly what we help deliver at Influx with high performance 24/7 teams.

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