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The important transition from job to career

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August 3, 2022

Whether night shifts at a local restaurant or endless days at an unpaid internship, everyone remembers their first job out of school. The inevitable transition into adulthood can be bumpy and unpredictable, with many young people switching from one workplace to another in hopes of gaining the experience it takes to transition from “job” to “career.”

Meet Velya, one of our very own HR specialists located in Bekasi, Indonesia. Influx was her first job out of college and she continues to develop her career with the company. Originally posted on Medium, Velya shared her professional journey thus far. Read more below!

It’s astonishing to think that my life has changed so drastically this year…

I recall the day I was employed by Influx in September 2021, and I was overjoyed because it was my first job and I had just finished college a month earlier.

I started my training as a customer support agent and was trusted to handle 3 clients within 6 months. It was very thrilling at first, I had zero experience in working full time, let alone working in an overseas company.

Looking back at it, I believe that feeling of nervousness and concern is reasonable, especially for a recent graduate. I was exposed to a lot of excellent things the moment I joined Influx; everyone here is really supportive and always willing to assist you to learn. All my worries have gradually decreased after the extensive two weeks of training.

Other things that really impressed me during my training sessions were:

  1. Despite balancing the work and the training sessions, all of my senior employers who trained me were able to offer such terrific lessons and sustain their work brilliantly.
  2. The materials supplied by the team were comprehensive; I could simply go to the manuals and training videos anytime I forgot how to do things.
  3. They were (and still are!) always just a Slack away if we have any questions, and they respond QUICKLY.
  4. They are good at providing honest feedback, which is essential when we are seeking to improve ourselves.

I feel like even though I started my job with no idea what I was doing, I was able to adapt and understand the responsibility quickly thanks to all of my team’s support.

As the months passed, I frequently evaluated myself both personally and professionally. On my first performance review, my former manager highlighted that I had a tendency to over-criticize myself. She offered me articles on how to deal with this and reassured me to love myself more since I am far more valuable than I believed.

Earlier this year, she encouraged me to take a step up and join the client team leader development program, mentioning that I had the charisma for it. I was ecstatic that she saw potential in me. I immediately accepted the offer and enrolled, making new friends along the way and, even better, learning SO MUCH NEW knowledge!

At the same time, I remembered that the HR team was opening an internal opportunity as a recruiter, which makes me even more thrilled! I’ve been eager to learn more about the HR department because my college experience has exposed me to interacting with people and hearing their stories. The idea of having to learn even more professionally gives me shivers!

I recall how nervous I was when Fairuz, one of our HR specialists, interviewed me for this position; perhaps the fear of failing and losing my chance was the major reason. But, shockingly, a week later, I received the news that made me weep in happiness. I was chosen as an HR recruiter. What wonderful news!

The training began in June, and I learned a lot from the HR team every day. I discovered a variety of fresh challenges, lessons, and, most importantly, feedback! My mind went blank the first day I started my simulation for an interview, sweats all over my body, and it’s not even a genuine candidate! Of course, this is not the end of the world because I have received all of the feedback I needed to grow. I had no idea getting feedback could be so addicting; now I constantly thank everyone for providing me with one.

I started my full-time HR journey in early July and now I feel like I’m falling in love with my job every day; it’s incredible to think that this company never stops offering me opportunities to improve and, of course, a great team to laugh with. I’ve discovered that having excellent teammates around us can make the job so much better. 

This post may not be long enough to cover everything I’ve learned throughout my 9 months at Influx, but beginning my work experience with this company altered my life amazingly.

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