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Tips for a successful Influx interview from HR specialists

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by   Graysen Christopher
November 2, 2022

The interview process can be stressful and a bit overwhelming. Properly preparing ahead of time is the best way to set yourself up for success, which is why we’ve asked our HR team to compile a list of interview best practices. Dea N. (HR Manager), Sherissa G. (HR Manager), and Linette S. (HR Specialist) share their Influx interview tips below!

Be prepared

The interview time is limited, which means you only have 30-45 minutes to make a good impression. Be on time because every minute counts!

Decide where you’re going to sit for the interview in advance. Be sure you have chosen a space with a presentable background or utilize a virtual background. There is no dress code, so wear something that is comfortable and presentable. 

“A neatly ironed shirt/ dress always leaves a good first impression. It shows that you are excited about the opportunity and are prepared in advance.” -Linette S.

Check your technology

As a fully remote company, it’s important to show that you can communicate virtually. Make sure your internet is stable ahead of time and use a laptop instead of a cell phone. Also, test your camera and microphone before the interview to avoid any issues.

“Check your device before the interview to ensure your camera and microphone are working. Launch the meeting on your end at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time to make your checks.” -Sherissa G.

Be at your best

Choose an interview date that gives you enough time to prepare and feel completely ready. We want to meet you at your best, so choose a date that can support this. If you’re not ready for an interview tomorrow, don’t pick that timeslot. 

“It’s okay to reschedule if you’re having some issues on your end. Don’t forget to give your interviewer a heads-up. This is much better than a no-show that books a new timeslot without notifying us.” -Dea N.

Be yourself

Let your personality shine through during the interview. Experience is very important, but the team wants to know who you are as a person. We celebrate diversity and thrive because of it.  Diversity includes differences in backgrounds, thoughts, experiences, personalities, etc. 

“Don’t try to anticipate what the interviewer would like to hear. Tell your truth. Your interview should be unique to you and your experiences. We would much rather you tell us what you have experienced and your thoughts, than what you think we want to hear.” -Sherissa G.

Share your story

The interviewer wants to hear about your personal experiences, as they can demonstrate your skillset related to the position. Put thought into what values you can bring to the team and be sure to touch on this.

“Your experience handling a particularly challenging situation will give us insight into the way you would react and handle a situation in the future.” -Linette S.

Be direct and precise

Since time is limited, be prepared to speak about relevant experiences. Be crystal clear with your communication and remember that good communication prioritizes the listener. 

Use the STAR method when telling a story: 

  • Situation: What was the situation?
  • Task: What was the task or responsibility?
  • Action: What was the action you took?
  • Result: What results or outcomes were achieved?

Tell the truth

Honesty helps the team have realistic expectations for you and the position. Be sure that what you’ve written on your resume and what you speak about during the interview are completely true. 

Lies and exaggerations will come back to haunt you, while being honest will help us to have realistic expectations for you.” ​​​ -Dea N.

Be respectful

One of our core values is to treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat your interviewer with respect whether you’re being interviewed by a manager, director, or recruiter.

Ask questions

Not only do our HR experts love answering questions, but it also shows your interest in the job and gives your interviewer insight into what matters most to you. 

“Never leave any doubt in your mind about the job, processes, or the company itself to make an informed decision.” -Linette S.

Want to join our global team?

Preparing for an Influx interview is only the beginning! If you’re looking to work for a diverse and global team, be sure to check out our careers page. 

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