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How to fit Support as a Service into your existing support operation

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by   Alex Holmes

In previous posts, I’ve shared specific situations where it makes sense for a company to use Support as a Service and how Support as a Service guarantees response times and quality.

Both of these posts describe how we work in general, but I also wanted to go into more detail about how we fit in with an existing support team.

Almost all of our clients have existing internal agents or managers that work with us.  By combining an existing support team with Influx, our clients can both guarantee coverage and invest in their own teams and systems.

The most common use case:  Helping with after-hours tickets

To work alongside an existing team, we need to define our responsibility.  I usually refer to this as defining our ‘scope of work.’

The most common scope of work is answering tickets that arrive during a specific set of hours.

For example, many of our clients want us to answer all tickets that arrive outside of US business hours, so all tickets that arrive between 5 pm and 8 am.

By answering these tickets, their teams wake up to a relatively empty inbox and can focus on more proactive work.

We can operate a team for any defined set of hours.

The second use case: We answer Tier 1 tickets and escalate more complex issues to the internal team

As I outlined in this post, we mainly answer tickets relating to Tier 1 support.  However, as companies grow, they all start to see a significant number of Tier 2 tickets.

Many of our clients want us to ensure fast and effective responses 24/7 and then escalate the issues we don’t know how to answer (Tier 2 or 3 tickets) to their internal team.

The third use case: Growing too fast to build teams internally

Many of our clients want to build their own teams, but can’t build them fast enough.  Hiring, training, and managing the right people is time-consuming.  To do it correctly, you need to both have the time to hire the right people, but also have the right people in place who can recruit, manage, and train new staff.

With Influx, we already have a pool of experienced agents and managers that we can plug into an existing operation quickly.  Most of our agents have already worked with fast-growing businesses and brands.

Our on-demand model lets us ramp up quickly, usually at least 3x on short notice.

Lastly, we ensure consistent coverage

Our system is built to move in tandem with inbound volume and overall business growth.  Full-time employees and traditional BPO services provide a fixed cost and fixed output.  You agree to hire ten people who will do x amount of tickets per day.  These services aren’t built to manage sudden spikes in tickets from product outages or one-off marketing campaigns.

That’s exactly where we can help.  Once we’re already working with a company, we can provide fast support on short notice.

Further reading and a case study

Two of our clients – Vend and Sendle – built their own teams, but they also work with us to deliver consistent, high-quality service.  Their case studies can be found here and here.

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To get started with a trial or chat through any specifics, get in touch with us here.

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Photo of Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes

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