How we learn your business

Learning your business is an ongoing process that starts with a free training and trial period. We also learn from your previous customer conversations and from any internal documents you want to share with us.

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Free trials and training

We start every new client with a two week free trial and training period. We want to learn everything there is to know about your business that isn’t already available on your website. For example, we want to learn details about your refund policies, where your product ships and doesn’t ship, what to do if your product breaks, common product fixes, and things like that.

Learn from previous conversations

With API access to your help desk, we can learn from your previous conversations. Our QA team also uses this information to regularly give our agents and managers regular feedback once we start answering tickets. In addition to help desk access, any internal documentation such as brand guidelines, can be especially helpful.

Ongoing training and communication

We set up a ‘Slack Bridge’ meaning you can either speak to our team directly from your own Slack account or we can connect you to ours. You can then speak directly to your dedicated client captain or ops manager and you can see which agents are answering tickets and talk to them directly. We see our team as an extension of your team, so we want to give you 1:1 access as needed.

Easy procedure updates

Products and businesses change, and we’re built to accommodate this. Our internal teams, lead by the client captains and ops managers, communicate product updates to all agents assigned to your account as well as through our own internal knowledgebases.

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