Case Study

Light My Bricks earns 5-star reviews from over 92% of their customers

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About Light My Bricks

Light My Bricks is an Australian eCommerce company founded in 2016 and specializes in developing easy-to-install lighting kits designed to complement specific LEGO® sets.

As the first lighting company for LEGO® in the market, Light My Bricks provides simple, easy-to-follow instructions. They boast the largest range of high-quality LEGO® light kits, along with an extensive selection of DIY components and LED light effects.

With warehouses in EU, USA, UK, AU, and CA, Light My Bricks offers international shipping to customers worldwide.

The need

As a global company renowned for its superior customer service, Light My Bricks had specific customer support needs to uphold their esteemed reputation and meet the diverse needs of their worldwide customers.

1. Meet staffing challenges

After the company’s internal support agent left, Light My Bricks sought a consistent solution from a trusted partner who could handle customer service and free up time to focus on core business.

2. Management, training, and reporting

Prioritizing high-quality service, Light My Bricks needed a customer support solution that included management, training, and reporting for constant improvement and efficient operations.

3. Support the release of new products

To ensure the seamless launch of new products, Light My Bricks needed a team of support experts who stayed informed on all the latest sets and how to support customers who had questions about new products.

4. Agents who live the brand’s “always go above and beyond” ethos

Light My Bricks has loyal customers all over the world. They needed a support partner who prioritized positive customer experiences with a strong focus on high customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).

5. Prompt response time and coverage

For Light My Bricks, part of an excellent customer experience involves quick responses and transparency by keeping customers informed about the support process at all times.

6. Enhancing CX through knowledge and personalization

Light My Bricks needed their support team to have thorough product knowledge, be capable of providing personalized and accurate recommendations, and upsell or cross-sell to enhance the customer experience.

In 2021, Light My Bricks came to Influx for help.

Partnering with Influx has been a wonderful experience. Influx’s team consistently delivers exceptional service and the positive feedback from our customers speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence. We couldn’t be happier with the impact Influx has had on our customer service.

- Mel Wright, Light My Bricks

The solution

Influx provided a ‘Support as a Service’ solution of 6 agents (2 dedicated, 2 part-time, and 2 contingency) with all management, training, and reporting included. The team handles 16/7 coverage via live chat and email support in Australia and the United States, with a commitment to excellence.

To preserve support quality, each agent must pass a written test to demonstrate high product knowledge and maintain a friendly/helpful tone. The team answers a range of customer support queries including product questions, refunds, shipping or custom fees, and technical support.

As a flexible solution, the Influx team scales up or down to support Light My Bricks during peak seasons, the release of new products, or as needed to maintain consistent service levels throughout the year.

The results

Customer Reviews: Light My Bricks USA has a 4.7 TrustScore on Trustpilot with over 92% of reviews being 5 stars—a testament to the brand’s outstanding customer service.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): The team maintains above a 95% CSAT—significantly outperforming the average eCommerce CSAT of 80% for an excellent customer experience.

Live Chat First Response Time (FRT): Achieved FRT of less than 2 minutes—crucial for live chat interactions where customers expect immediate assistance.

Email First Response Time (FRT): Achieved FRT of 4 hours or less for email support.

Support Coverage: Influx provides Light My Bricks with 16 hours of coverage 7 days a week.

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