Case Study

Ticketing app with 5 million users clears backlog and maintains 86% CSAT on 6,000+ tickets/month

The challenge

A digital ticketing platform with more than 5 million worldwide users struggles to manage a 1,000+ ticket backlog and needs extended coverage to better assist global audiences.

The two-sided eCommerce platform works with over 2,000 theatres, producers, and cultural institutions globally, bringing inventory to consumers with more than 1,000 media and travel partners.

As the platform grew, so did customer support volume—creating a backlog and (once that was solved) the opportunity to expand into new channels.

In 2022, the company came to Influx for help.

The need

Due to the nature of event tickets, customers often have changes to their purchases—cancellations, date swaps, seating adjustments—that require a quick and efficient response.

The ticketing platform had a few specific needs for their customer support solution:

  • Clear the backlog and maintain inbox zero - the 1,000+ ticket backlog was a priority. After the backlog was taken care of, the platform needed a solution that resolved tickets quickly and efficiently to prevent further backlogs from piling up.
  • Extended coverage - with customers all over the world, the platform needed agents with availability from 10am - 6pm (BST), 7 days/week.
  • Quality + customer satisfaction - as the brand grew, the team continued to prioritize high-quality interactions with an emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility + scalability - volume is not always consistent. During peak periods, the platform needed a solution that would scale up in accommodation for a consistent support experience year-round.

The company sought a high-performing customer support solution to clear the backlog, extend coverage, and deliver exceptional experiences their customers would never forget.

The solution

Influx provided 6 dedicated digital-only agents to help clear out the backlog. Once the backlog was solved, the team handled live chat and email support, gradually scaling to 10+ agents who achieved:


  • 86% CSAT
  • 6,000+ tickets/month for both email and chat
  • 90+% quality control
  • 3 min average handle time (AHT) for chat
  • <20 sec first response time (FRT) for chat
  • 5 min average handle time (AHT) for email
  • <4 hr first response time (FRT) for 80% of emails
  • 80 tickets solved per agent daily

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Influx’s Client Team Lead (CTL) provides weekly summary feedback on quality checks.

Today, Influx is the main extension for the platform’s customer support team, scaling up or down to match volume.

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