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We find ourselves sharing all sorts of tips and tricks with our customers on a day-to-day basis. In an effort to spread that knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most valued Zendesk setup and tutorial hacks. Simple, repeatable tips to elevate your help desk.

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Activating CSAT

Understanding your CSAT is one of your most valuable tools when tracking the pulse of your customers. Tracking your Customer Satisfaction Rating allows you to briefly evaluate your customer’s experience by asking them to rate the support they received (negative or positive). Suffice to say: making sure you activate CSAT correctly from within Zendesk is really important.

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Setting up your initial five views

Views are the tool you use to organise tickets from inside Zendesk. With that said: setting up your initial five views and essentially streamlining them to make the time you spend in your inbox as efficient (and straightforward) as possible is so important when aiming for the elusive inbox-zero.

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How and when to use tags

Knowing how and when to use tags in Zendesk may feel pretty straightforward, but having that deep level understand of this relatively straightforward task will set you up for inbox bliss and greater support transparency.

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Setup guide and recommendations for macros

A macro is a saved reply or script that you might use for answering common customer questions and cases. Setting up macros correctly from the beginning can save you time by allowing you to easily insert pre-drafted text into a ticket with the click of a button.

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Enabling and using Zendesk Markdown

Zendesk markdown is great tool available for anyone using the Essential, Team, Professional or Enterprise plan on Zendesk. It allows you to type with emphasis to make sure you are effectively and clearing communicating with your customers - especially when drafting a wordy response.

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