Sales team closes $1.6m in new revenue

A leading US-based industrial firm needed help growing their sales. The fully-managed Influx sales team closed $1.6 million in new revenue in five months.

Flexibility at Influx: How we provide adaptable and scalable outsourced excellence

Influx's flexible, customer-centric service is focused on delivering high-quality support whenever and however you require it.
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Light My Bricks earns 5-star reviews from over 92% of their customers

See how Light My Bricks goes "above and beyond" in customer service to earn 5-star reviews from 92% of customers.
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Your brand’s secret weapon for explosive customer loyalty

Building strong customer loyalty hinges on consistently delivering exceptional value at every touchpoint.
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Hiring vs. outsourcing: pros and cons

Should you outsource or hire? Based on your circumstances, there may be a right and wrong answer.
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Ticketing app with 5 million users clears backlog and maintains 86% CSAT on 6,000+ tickets/month

See how a ticketing app partnered with Influx to clear the backlog and maintain inbox zero on over 6,000 tickets each month.
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What to know about inbound & outbound call centers

Learn the difference between inbound and outbound call centers to know which is right for your business.
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Handling 8000 calls per week while achieving a 94% CSAT

See how Influx handled 8000 weekly calls, decreasing call abandonment rate by 10x while maintaining a 94% CSAT.
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The 5 best SaaS customer support companies

Investing in the right support solution is crucial for building long-lasting customer relationships. Explore the top 5 SaaS support companies redefining customer service excellence.
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How to outsource your Shopify customer service

How do you hire an outsourced Shopify support team while improving your growth? We dive in here.