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With Support as a Service, we have a pre-built, pre-managed team, ready to help answer tickets in your help desk.

Support Q&A with Ben Collet — Director of Customer Advocacy at Zendesk

Ben Collet shares his support team's workflow, how they grow, and their success key metrics based on his 6-years experience.
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Five ways to compete with Amazon using excellent customer service

Manly Bands is an anomaly, and for all the right reasons. They compete with Amazon in an already crowded market and build a profitable business in less than a year. Here are five takeaways!

Support Q&A with Ashley King, Director of Support at 99designs

Ashley King ran the support team at 99designs. She built and scaled her team from a couple of agents to more than 50 in such a fast-paced environment. How does she perform this excellently?
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How to start small but think big: 5 steps for creating the future

Startups are perfect size, not too big for bureaucracy and small enough to experiment - but they are everywhere. How do startups create disruptive innovation? These 5 steps will lead you there.
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We get 27% of our leads from live chat — You can too

In order to drive revenue and growth, more leads help us figure out what to offer, to whom and how. But how exactly do we get more leads? We share the solution that we found.

Customer service as a service guarantees output, quality and coverage

Influx provides 24/7 support as a service for SAAS, eCommerce, and tech companies. We take on everything that’s required in guaranteeing a high quality response. Here are the benefits.

New feature: Support as a service for ThemeForest comments

We’re now offering support as a service as part of our 24/7 WordPress support service. See how we perform this process with one of our clients — UX Themes.
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What makes great customer support for SaaS companies?

Most SaaS companies focus on customer success as part of their growth strategy. But what makes great customer support? Here’s what I found from five of our best-performing SaaS clients.