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Case Study: Blenders - 10+ full time agents plus burst coverage using Zendesk and Shopify

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by Lucy Jasper

When Blenders first approached Influx, their online sunglasses brand was growing like gangbuster with no end in sight. With a backlog of 3000+ tickets and climbing, little capacity to hire at speed, and an equal lack of space to house any new support hires, they partnered with Influx.

Needing a fast, reliable, and scalable solution, Influx worked with Blenders to onboard an entire team of pros within two days and get their helpdesk to zero within 30 days, all the while building out a team of dedicated agents to handle growth momentum.

Influx is f—– awesome :)

By engaging both the Support as a Service and dedicated agent model, Influx was able to act quickly and efficiently on Blenders’ helpdesk while setting them up for success through a dedicated team that integrates exactly like an in-house fleet, without the added admin.

Can Support as a Service help your business?

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Photo of Lucy Jasper

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