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2018 Year in Review - client success for high-growth brands

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by   Alex Holmes
December 19, 2018

It’s been a big year! Here’s a quick list of things that happened:

  • 10 of our clients grew 2x+
  • Five of our clients were acquired
  • We now have 180+ staff worldwide :O
  • 8 of our clients raised a combined $106+ Million
  • We launched dedicated agent support in North America, APAC, and Europe
  • We launched multiple 10+ dedicated agent deals
  • We launched two new internal teams: Client Success + Special Projects
  • We launched support for short-term rental companies
  • Our churn rate remains under 1%

In summary, this year, we learned how to meet customer expectations at scale.

All of our clients struggle with the same problem. Building a highly effective support team to answer thousands of tickets per month is hard; doing so while growing every month, launching new products, and changing your internal organizational structure is much harder.

Enter: Influx

This year, we learned how to connect our service with an existing team to deliver industry-leading customer success scores at scale. We can now deliver fast and effective coverage as well as industry leading CSAT for thousands of customers per month.  

We’ve learned how to do this for companies working in eCommerce, SaaS, banking, cryptocurrency, travel, tech, logistics, mobile apps, OnDemand video, design, and hospitality.

See how we’ve done this for Biteable, Blenders, Bonobo Labs and Sendle.

We ENHANCE our clients’ support teams by matching their systems and quality expectations and connecting these norms into our elastic, turnkey, and globally-operated customer service solution.

Here’s more about what we launched and what our clients accomplished in 2018:

Five of our clients were acquired

Support as a Service works particularly well for high-growth companies. What happens to high-growth companies? They either get really big really quickly, or they get acquired.

It was incredibly rewarding to watch these five acquisitions happen. We worked hard with these companies to improve customer loyalty –loyal customers help drive the metrics that make big companies want to hire smaller companies.

Each of these acquirers decided to continue working with us. They now see us as an integral extension of their existing team.

Dedicated agent support in three time zones

Support as a Service is a turnkey and elastic solution that helps businesses of all sizes answer tickets quickly, 24/7.

However, we’ve found that as companies grow, our agents need more ownership and focus. This helps them answer a larger volume of  tickets per day and more types of questions in more places - chat, social media, Amazon, iTunes – you name it.

We now offer dedicated agents either as a standalone service or combined with Support as a Service.

Dedicated agents help brands like Sendle and Blenders offer fast and effective support at scale.

180+ staff

Our business is made up of two parts. First, we build the technology that enables us to hire, onboard, and manage globally. Second, we invest in people.

Hiring 180+ talented people is hard. So is training, onboarding, and managing them. We’ve built a junior management function that includes 20+ staff. Continuing to build and train our management capacity is going to be a big focus going into 2019.

Churn is down and sustainable

Churn is one of the most important metrics for any recurring revenue business, and we worked hard to fix churn this year. We built a client success team to proactively improve our operation by client, and we’ve invested more time in sales and onboarding to make sure new clients reach their milestones quickly.

Many of our results in 2018 started with our churn analysis and some proactive work defining how to improve our client’ experience as well as their customers’ experience.

We also wrote a blog post about it: How to reduce churn rate for your startup.

This took a massive effort from everyone, which I think sums up our year well :)

And on to 2019

That’s it! Hope everyone has a happy and restful holiday. See you in 2019.

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Photo of Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes

Alex runs Marketing and Client Success at Influx. He works with both existing and future clients. Favorite support experience of all time: iTunes and Optus.