How to create a brand voice, comms guidelines, and macros using AI (eBook with prompts)

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by   Mikayla Fuller
January 17, 2024

As businesses grapple with accomplishing more in a limited time (and often with limited resources), AI’s efficiency becomes increasingly important. Creating a brand voice takes time, but with the right prompts, AI takes on a bulk of the work, leaving you to boil down the output exactly how you want it.

58% of marketers whose companies use generative AI for content creation said increased performance is the top benefit. AI presents a profound paradigm shift in how we approach tasks, problem-solving, and productivity—offering an efficient solution to get more done faster.

This eBook shares prompts for creating your brand’s voice, communication guidelines, and customer support macros using artificial intelligence. Get the top tips on how to make AI work for you and learn how to define your brand voice for a better customer experience.

What’s inside?

  • Brand tone of voice and why it matters
  • Tips to make AI work for you
  • Best automation tools to use
  • Customer support and brand voice
  • Writing strong customer support macros in your brand voice
  • Five prompts to improve output
  • AI prompts to create brand voice, comms guidelines, and macros

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Photo of Mikayla Fuller

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