How to minimize customer support backlog (eBook guide)

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by   Mikayla Fuller
December 13, 2023

Every business has to address customer support backlog at some point, whether during a product launch, third-party issues like shipping delays, the holidays, or other peak periods.

It’s no secret that customers expect quick replies, with 62% expecting responses within an hour. Ticket backlog makes it more challenging to respond quickly to customers, straining customer relationships and negatively impacting their perception of the company’s commitment to service. Recognizing the growing demand for swift customer responses, we offer practical steps to streamline your support processes.

Get the eBook with solutions to clear the inbox with effective backlog management and lower your first contact resolution rates.

What’s inside?

  • How to triage tickets for faster resolution
  • 3 tools to manage the backlog
  • Forecasting calculator to predict headcount
  • Working with a support provider: case studies on backlog resolution

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